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Going Green

Evergreen Speedway receives NASCAR grant to plant trees

Sixty Leyland Cypress trees were planted at the Evergreen Speedway, November 8th at turn 3 of the 5/8 mile track. The newly constructed berm separates the Speedway from the neighboring Equestrian Park, providing a noise buffer, and room for a new lunging ring for horses. The 14-foot trees, which were planted 10 feet apart will fill in within two years and create a beautiful addition to Snohomish County’s largest park to be enjoyed by visitors for years to come.

The trees were supplied by NASCAR’s Green Clean Air program to help capture the carbon emissions produced by racing. NASCAR plants 10 new trees for each green flag that drops during designated race events. The tracks participating in the tree-planting program will mitigate 100 percent of the carbon emissions produced by the race cars competing in their events. NASCAR reports that more than 2,500 trees have been planted near racing venues across the country. The program is now considered the largest tree planting program in sports.

Evergreen Speedway is one of nine NASCAR Home Tracks in the country to have been selected for the program.

“We are proud that these trees will be enjoyed by the equestrian and motorsports communities alike,” said Doug Hobbs of High Road Promotions, which operates the Evergreen Speedway.

“The new trees are a simple way to help beautify that area of the fairgrounds as well as to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Tom Teigen, Snohomish County’s parks director. “We’re pleased that the Evergreen Speedway was selected by NASCAR for the program.”

For more information, contact Parks Director Tom Teigen at 425-388-6617 or [email protected].