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2012 NASCAR Champions at Evergreen Speedway

September 17, 2012 by  
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On Saturday September 15 at Evergreen Speedway four champions were crowned in the four NASCAR divisions. Congratulations go to Naima Lang (Speedway Chevrolet NASCAR Whelen All American Series Super Late Models – 4th Championship); Frank Cowgill (Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stocks – 1st Championship); Jon Roberts (Foster Press NASCAR Mini-Stocks – 1st Championship) and Jake Repin (NASCAR Super Figure Eights – 2nd Championship). In addition Kelly Mann gained the title as the first ever I-5 Challenge Series Champion (Series between Evergreen Speedway & South Sound Speedway).

On Les Schwab Tires NASCASR Championship & Harley Davidson Night presented by Emerald City Harley Davidson, the Speedway Chevrolet NASCAR Whelen All American Series I-5 Challenge Super Late Models held two 50-lap mains on the monster ¾-mile oval. In race #1 twenty two cars started the event with Daniel Moore making a charge from his mid pack starting position to get the win. 2nd place went to Kelly Mann and third to Chris Preston. In race #2 20 cars started the main with Jeff Knight the winner followed by Daniel Moore and Doni Wanat.  This division made a great recovery over the last two seasons with an average of 19 cars making starts.

The Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stocks held a 35-lap main on the 3/8-mile oval. Winning the feature was Roger Drake his second of the year. Second went to Duane Schoesboek and third to Darrel Lutovsky.

Foster Press NASCAR Mini-Stock division 50-lap on the 3/8-mile oval, main event winner was Nat Barber. Making his first trip to the podium Travis Woodward finished second and third went to Joe Hobbs.

Pat Clark won the 50-lap NASCAR Super Figure main his first of the season. Greg Scott was second and Tommy Gapp third.

Next up at Evergreen Speedway is the EXMP Supercross Summer Showdown Fueled by Monster Energy Drink on Saturday September 20-23 and the Mega Moto on September 22. On Saturday September 29 drifting takes over the ‘Super Speedway of the West’. For tickets and or more information go online to or call 360-805-6100.

Evergreen Speedway Official Results September 15, 2012

Speedway Chevrolet NASCAR Whelen All American Series I-5 Challenge Super late Models:

Race #1 (50-laps – 3/4mile paved oval):

1-16 –Daniel Moore -50

2-9-Kelly Mann – 50

3-28-Chris Preston – 50

4-20-Andy Sole -50

5-20z-Billy Webber 50

6-00-Naima Lang – 50

7-48-Tom Hughs – 50

8-89-Doni Wanat – 50

9-92R –Molly Helmuth – 50

10-1-Shane Sawin – 50

11-70-Jeff Knight – 50

12-12-Jessica Dana – 50

13-22-John Lathrup Jr-49

14-3-Brion Philley – 48

15-08-Timothy Minister – 47

16-14-Doug Davidson – 41

17-55-Jessie Anderson – 39

18-92-Tommy Rasmussen – 39

19-18-John Bender – 20

20-69-Ian McHutchison – 13

21-10x-John Boyatt – 9

22-7-Ron Eaton

Race #2 (Championship Main 50-laps – ¾-mile Paved Oval) (* Denotes 2012 NASCAR Division Champion)

1-70-Jeff Knight – 51

2-16-Daniel Moore – 51

3-89-Doni Wanat – 51

4-3-Brion Philley – 51

5-20-Andy Sole – 51

6-00-Naima Lang* – 49

7-1-Shane Sawin – 48

8-28-Chris Preston – 48

9-12-Jessica Dana – 48

10-08-Timothy Minister – 45

11-69-Ian McHutchison – 45

12-10x-John Boyatt – 45

13-48-Tom Hughs – 43

14-9-Kelly Mann – 28

15-20z-Billy Webber – 6

16-22-John Lathrup Jr – 3

17-92R-Molly Helmuth – 3

18-18-John Bender – 1

19-7-Ron Eaton

Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stocks (NASCASR Championship – 35-laps – 3/8-mile paved oval) ) (* Denotes 2012 NASCAR Division Champion):

1-Roger Drake

2-Duane Schoesboek

3-Darrell Lutovsky

4-Jim Foti

5-Steve Ptacek

6-Kenny Erickson

7-Tim Widener

8-Jeff Miller

9-Scott Giebel

10-Frank Cowgill*

11-Mike SanDiego

12-Charlie Davis

13-Nikki Bristol

14-Kim Lang

15-Brian Cottrell

Foster Press NASCAR Min i-Stocks (NASCAR Championship Main  50-laps – 3/8-mile paved oval) : ) (* Denotes 2012 NASCAR Division Champion):

1-Nat Barber

2-Travis Woodward

3-Joe Hobbs

4-Andrew Schukar

5-Jon Roberts*

6-Mark Creager

7-Michael Fritz

8-Chuck Richard

9-Mike Hessler

10-Kenny Schukar

11-Douglas Hines

12-Devin Kessler

13-Dale Creager

NASCAR Super Figure Eights (NASCAR Championship Main – 50-laps) (* Denotes 2012 NASCAR Division Champion):

1-Pat Clarke

2-Greg Scott

3-Tommy Gapp

4–Jake Repin*

5-Steve Peters

6-Chuck Widdis

7-Steve Schoenfeldt

8-Zach Larson




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