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August 18 Results Follow-Up

August 20, 2012 by  
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Saturday night August 18 at Evergreen Speedway the Annual Foster Press Mayors Cup presented by USG took place with ‘The One Armed Bandit’ Quinton Borreson winning the 50-lap NASCAR Super Figure Eight feature. The Buzz Inn Steakhouse Stinger 8 50-lap feature was won by ‘Mighty’ Josh Young. Frank Cowgill drew closer to his first championship by winning his second in a row of the Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stock main. Foster Press Mini-Stock main winner Jon Roberts won his 7th this season.  Mike Daher won the Interstate Batteries Hornet A-Main his 1st this this season. The Mayors Cup went to Kirkland Council Member Bob Sternoff his 2nd in a row.

Borreson had a front row starting position for the 50-lap main of the Super Figure Eight division and used it to perfection by leading all 50-laps. Coming from a near the rear starting position Jake Repin fought his way to second and gained points on his nearest pursuer for the championship, Steve Peters who finished fifth. Third went Nick Gunderson and fourth to Pat Clark. With the Figure Eight Nationals next Saturday August 25 and $3000.00 to the winner a large field is expected for the 150-lap big purse event. With the Nationals being a 25-point to all race the Super Figure Eight division is down to just two points races to decide the 2012 championship September 1 & championship night September 15.

Stinger 8 winner Young wormed his way through traffic and the busy intersection of the figure eight to win the 50-lap main. Unofficially Young will be back in the points lead with former leader Jessica Gray struggling to a hard fought fifth. Joselyn LaFleur finished second and Ryan Barber a solid third. Fourth went to John Lewis. As with the Super Figure Eights the Stinger 8 division has only three races remaining August 25, September 2 and championship night September 8. Only a few points will separate Young and Gray heading into those final two races.

With just three races left for the Street Stock division Cowgill did what was needed to put a little more space in the points chase.  Steve Ptacek who finished second is now second in the standings. Travis Blackwood in the Brandy Branch car finished third. Darrel Lutovsky fourth and Jim Foti was fifth. The three remaining races are scheduled for September 1 & 8 and championship night September 15. One thing for sure in the still up in the air chase there will be first time champion.

Roberts by way of winning a season best 7 wins in the Mini-Stock division is in command for the 2012 championship with three races to go, September 1, 8 and 15. Second in points Michael Fritz finished second in the 30-lap main. Andrew Shukar finished third. Gary Hanawalt and Chuck Richard finished fourth and fifth respectively.

The Hornet road course 25-lap main had an interesting finish. Daher won the main leading a majority of the laps. On the next to last lap a car spun and the group from second on back got caught trying to circumvent the sideways car. This changed the finish with Brent Crise making it around to finish second and third went to Ken Moi. Point leader Chad Fitzpatrick who was third when the car spun in front of him, having a bit a problem getting around the spun car Fitzpatrick dropped back to fourth. This division’s championship is on September 8 with one other race in-between on September 2. The Hornet division title is still in question between 15 year old Fitzpatrick and former champion Jaime Corbett. Corbett finished fifth.

Next up at Evergreen Speedway is the start of the Evergreen State Fair run from August 23 through September 3. The fair racing events begin on Thursday August 23 and 24 with the first annual R.B.C.C. Motorama. Many of the area rod clubs will be taking part in the areas largest car show from 10am to 10pm each day. From 1pm to 4pm each day there will Grudge Drag Races amongst the clubs. From 6pm to 9pm each day the Pro Moto Cross racers take over on the new MX Track at Evergreen. On Saturday August 25 it is the Annual KISW Figure Eight Nationals with the richest purse in the history of this long standing event. There will be 150-laps for the West’s fastest Super Figure Eight drivers with $3000.00 going to the winner. Also in action will be the Buzz Inn Steakhouse Stinger 8’s, Vintage Modifieds, Northwest Legends and V-8 Extremes. Racing starts at 6pm. For more information or tickets go to the Evergreen State Fair web page.

Evergreen Speedway August 18 Results:

Foster Press Mayors Cup presented by USG Night at the Races:

Interstate Batteries Hornets (B-main 15-laps): 1-Jamie Corbett; 2-Ray LaPlante; 3-Aaron Feagin; 4-Zach Neel; 5-Matt Somerville; 6-Briana Heilman; 7-Dennis Crawford; 8-Mike Marthaller Sr.; 9-William Schamp; 10-Markus Forhan; 11-Jeff Thomas

Interstate Batteries Hornets (A-main 20-laps): 1-Mike Daher; 2-Brent Crise; 3-Ken Moi; 4-Chad Fitzpatrick; 5-Jamie Corbett; 6-Brad Thomas; 7-Garrett Bickerdike; 8-Richard Morgan; 9-Mark Keith; 10-Dalton Christmas; 11-Aaron Feagin; 12-Zach Bristol; 13-Brodie Brewer; 14-Jim Bevis; 15-Will Schamp; 16-Mike Marthaller; 17-Gary Rarden

Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stocks (30-laps 3/8-mile oval): 1-Frank Cowgill; 2-Steve Ptacek; 3-Travis Blackwood; 4-Darrell Lutovsky; 5-Jim Foti; 6-Kenny Erickson; 7-Jeff Miller; 8-Zach Bristol; 9-Eric Gimmaka; 10- Brandon Kneeland; 11- Tim Widener; 12-Scott Giebel

Foster Press NASCAR Mini-Stocks (30-laps 3/8-mile oval): 1-Jon Roberts; 2-Michael Fritz; 3-Andrew Schukar; 4-Gary Hanawalt; 5-Chuck Richard; 6-Scott Burby; 7-Mark Creager; 8-Mike Hessler; 9-Travis Woodward; 10-Devin Kessler; 11-Nat Barber

NASCAR Super Figure Eights (50-laps): 1-Quinton Borreson; 2-Jake Repin; 3-Nick Gunderson; 4-Pat Clark; 5-Steve Peters; 6-Seth Funden; 7-John Carlson; 8-Brian Gunderson; 9-Greg Scott; 10-Dave Brandenburg

Buzz Inn Steakhouse Stinger 8’s (50-laps): 1-Josh Young; 2-Joselyn LaFleur; 3-Ryan Barber; 4-John Lewis; 5-Jessica Gray; 6-Ben Chandler; 7-Nicole Pollard; 8-Brandon Florer; 9-Lance O’Grain; 10-Matt Somerville; 11-James Whisman; 12-Melissa Repin; 13-Will Bleem; 14-       Tyler Draper





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