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Summer Showdown A Rousing Success for Many

June 30, 2014 by  
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The three day $100,000.00 Third Annual Summer Showdown presented by Coors Light at Evergreen Speedway did all it was intended to do and more. It was designed to bring together many of North America’s Super Late Model drivers young, old, male and female. Fifty-four drivers were on hand to be challenged by Evergreen’s BIG track, the 5/8-mile paved oval. The drivers represented 8 US States and two Provinces of Canada. In turn the fans showed their support by turning out in droves. The weather Gods supported the event with only a few showers during the three days. It gave Evergreen Speedway, the largest NASCAR weekly short track west of the Mississippi, a chance to show the country that it is the ‘Super Speedway of the West’. Canada’s Cameron Hayley came and he conquered by winning the $20,000.00 winner’s check plus was the Don Scriver Memorial Fast Time recipient of $1,000.00 by setting fast time and a new track record of :22.002, over 114mph. In addition on Thursday June 26 while everyone else was practicing their racing skills in Monroe, WA, Hayley was home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada graduating from Bishop Carroll High School.

Hayley led the entire 200-laps of the Saturday night Summer Showdown. The young 17 year old also led all of his 25-lap Qualifying Heat Race on Friday night. A total of $21,000.00 was quite the graduation gift he gave himself. In 2013 Cameron was one of ten drivers to be included in NASCAR’s Next. The NASCAR Next is an initiative to help spotlight NASCAR’s rising stars – and bolster fan recognition around talent that will grow into NASCAR Sprint Cup Series mainstays.

The challenges for Hayley during the 200 laps were many. On each of the six restarts due to yellow flags he had to start side by side with his closest pursuer for the lead. Withstanding each of those challenges, the other was tire wear. At the halfway break to take on new tires Hayley said during a brief interview “I thought I had a right front flat then a left rear flat, I even thought they were all flat when I came in”. With the new tires in the second half Hayley stayed out front. With a late caution coming out on lap 196 there was to be one more double file re-start. This one had the 2012 Summer Showdown winner fellow Canadian Pete Harding (Surrey, BC) on the inside of the front row, as Hayley had chosen the outside. In row two was veteran Garrett Evans (E. Wenatchee, WA). The rules called for five green flag laps to end the race. On the re-start at lap 200 Hayley made a strong run into turn one and held back Harding. Harding lost second to Evans. Evans made a strong effort to catch Hayley in the last four laps but finished second by :0.634 seconds. Harding was third. Youth vs age and youth won this time. Harding and Evans both have strong racing credentials that they have garnered throughout their respective racing careers.

Side Bar: Hayley will be back at Evergreen on August 16 with his Cabinets by Hayley K&N Pro Series West car for the NAPA Auto Parts K&N Pro Series West 150. Wanting to take his Super Late Model to the Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida the first weekend of December, Hayley said, “The $20,000.00 will sure help in getting us there”.

In Saturday’s 50-lap Last Chance Shootout presented by Epic Firearms, 8 cars qualified to move up to the 36-car Summer Showdown 200. That race was won by Daniel Moore (Spokane, WA). Ron Eaton (Tacoma, WA) finished second with Zack Beaman (Yakima, WA) third. John Zaretzke (Snohomish, WA), Jason Gilbert (Pleasanton, CA), Korbin Thomas (White Rock, BC), Doni Wanat (Woodinville, WA) and Peter Link (North Bend, WA) all moved up to the Showdown. Of this group young Zack Beaman, who started 31st, finished the highest in the Showdown at fifth.

The youngest driver to start the Summer Showdown 200 was 16-year old Nicole Behar (Otis Orchards, WA). One of the record four women to enter the event. It was Behar’s first time at Evergreen and was the only woman to make the 200 and did so via her strong 15th quick qualifying effort.  Behar finished a very respectable 12th on the lead lap. Nicole will return to Evergreen’s 5/8-mile on August 16 with her new NASCAR K&N Pro Series West car for the NAPA Auto Parts 150.

Friday’s racing included the Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stock and Foster Press NASCAR Mini-Stock Divisions in 30 lap mains on the BIG track. The Street Stock main was won by Jason McQuinn with Chad Fitzpatrick second and Joe Kneeland third. The Mini-Stock winner was Josh Ingram followed by Trenton Moriarity and Andrew Schukar. The four qualifying heat races for the Summer Showdown were also on Friday, with the top six from each race moving into the Saturday’s Summer Showdown 200. The other four were added from the fastest from earlier qualifying that did not get in via their heat race. Hayley won race #1. Race #2 was won by Jim Pettit (Prunedale, CA), Race #3 Jason Fraser (Snohomish, WA) and Race #4 Owen Riddle (Naches, WA).

On Saturday the traveling Pro 4 Alliance Series ran a 40-lap main on the BIG Track. The winner was Eddie Secord (Oak hills, CA). Second went to Bud Rumsey (Prosser, WA) and third was Tobey Becker (Highland, CA).

Next Up: The July 4th USA Birthday Bash featuring Mr. Dizzy Stunts, Boat Races, Outlaw Figure 8, Buzz Inn Steakhouse Stinger 8, Interstate Batteries Hornets, Renegade 8’s, Big Car Demo Derby and Fireworks. Start time is 6pm with grandstand gates opening at 3pm.


Evergreen Speedway Summer Showdown Weekend Results:

Friday June 27:

Don Scriver Memorial Fast Time Award ($1,000.00): Cameron Hayley – :22.002 NTR

Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stocks (30-laps 5/8-mile oval): 1. Jason McQuinn, 2. Chad Fitzpatrick, 3. Joe Kneeland, 4. Roger Drake, 5. Darrell Lutovsky, 6. Mike Marthaller, 7. Kenny Erickson, 8. Brent Rohrer, 9. Zach Bristol, 10. Jim Foti, 11. Kevin Compton, 12. Steve Kunz, 13. Duane Schoesbeck, 14. Steve Ptacek, 15. Casey Merrill

Foster Press NASCAR Mini-Stocks (30-laps 5/8-mile oval): 1. Josh Ingram, 2. Trenton Moriarity, 3. Andrew Schukar, 4. Dale Creager, 5. Devin Kessler, 6. Mark Creager, 7. Bobby DeYoung, 8. Nat Barber, 9. Scott Burby, 10. Chuck Richard, 11. Rod Helmuth, 12. Kyle Schukar, 13. Travis Woodward, 14. Aaron Flett, 15. Doug Hinds, 16. Ryan Rasmussen, 17. Brad Thomas, 18. Kevin Larson

Summer Showdown Qualifying Heat Race #1 (25-laps 5/8-mile oval): 1. Cameron Hayley (Calgary, Alb., Canada), 2. Eric Schmidt (Roseville, CA), 3. Pete Harding (Surrey, BC, Canada), 4. Tyler Tanner (Auburn, WA), 5. Brent Harris (Wenatchee, WA), 6. Jason Kooy (Monroe, WA), 7. Daniel Moore (Spokane, WA), 8. Nicole Behar (Otis Orchards, WA), 9. Mike Holden (Snohomish, WA), 10. Jason Gilbert (Pleasanton, CA), 11. Zack Beaman (Yakima, WA), 12. John Lathrop Jr. (Puyallup, WA), 13. Dave Garber (Spokane, WA)

Summer Showdown Qualifying Heat Race #2 (25-laps 5/8-mile oval): 1. Jim Pettit II (Prunedale, CA), 2. Shelby Thompson (Spokane, WA), 3. Jay Sauls (Puyallup, WA), 4. Shane Mitchell (Orondo, WA), 5. Tayler Riddle (Naches, WA), 6. Trevor Emond (Leduc, Alb., Canada), 7. Mark Sundberg (Seattle, WA), 8. Andy Sole (Marysville, WA), 9. Braeden Havens (Spokane, WA), 10. Rob Angus (Langley, BC, Canada), 11. Peter Link (North Bend, WA), 12. Will Hunholz (Vail, AZ), 13. Dave Miller (Coquille, OR)

Summer Showdown Qualifying Heat Race #3 (25-laps 5/8-mile oval): 1. Jason Fraser (Snohomish, WA), 2. Gary Lewis (Snohomish, WA), 3. John Bender (Snohomish, WA), 4. Jonathan Gomez (twin Falls, ID), 5. Naima Lang (Snohomish, WA), 6. Ryan Wells (Hingham, MT), 7. Blake Williams (Spokane, WA), 8. Jessica Dana (Olympia, WA), 9. Jeff Knight (Monroe, WA), 10. Tim McDougald (Tacoma, WA), 11. Mariah McGriff (Tucson, AZ), 12. Ron Eaton (Tacoma, WA), 13. John Boyatt (Graham, WA)

Summer Showdown Qualifying Heat Race #4 (25-laps 5/8-mile oval): 1. Owen Riddle (Naches, WA), 2. Garrett Evans (E. Wenatchee, WA), 3. Gracin Raz (Lake Oswego, OR), 4. Kelly Mann (Monroe, WA), 5. Dustin Ash (Las Vegas, NV), 6. Mike Longton (Moxee, WA), 7. Korbin Thomas (White Rock, BC, Canada), 8. Doni Wanat (Woodinville, WA), 9. Austin Reed (Mooresville, NC), 10. Ryan Philpott (Tracy, CA), 11. Tom Sweatman (Cosmopolis, WA), 12. Tim Minister (Eatonville, WA), DNS Molly Helmuth (Seattle, WA), DNS Shane Harding (Langley, BC, Canada), DNS John Zaretzke (Snohomish, WA)

Saturday June 28:

Summer Showdown Last Chance Shootout presented by Epic Firearms of Monroe (50-laps 5/8-mile oval): 1. Daniel Moore, 2. Ron Eaton, 3. Zack Beaman, 4. John Zaretzke, 5. Jason Gilbert, 6. Korbin Thomas, 7. Doni Wanat, 8. Peter Link, 9. Mike Holden, 10. Jeff Knight, 11. John Lathrop Jr., 12. Mariah McGriff, 13. Austin Reed, 14. Dave Garber, 15. Rob Angus, 16. Dave Miller, 17. Andy Sole, 18. Tim McDougald, 19. Jessica Dana, 20. John Boyatt, 21. Tim Minister, 22. Will Hunholz, 23. Tom Sweatman, 24. Ryan Philpott

Pro 4 Alliance Series Main (40-laps 5/8-mile oval): 1. Eddie Secord, 2. Bud Rumsey, 3. Toby Becker, 4. Kayla Pittman, 5. Eric Kaas, 6. Max Schroeder, 7. Steve Thompson, 8. Charles McDonald, 9. Jerry Hayes, 10. Brendon Fries, 11. Alex Peck, 12. Johnny Rumsey, 13. Tom Pinkowsky, 14. CJ Hawley, 15. Ken Chandler, 16. Steve Catlow, 17. Jeff Raver, 18. Rick Thompson

3rd Annual Summer Showdown presented by Coors Light (200-laps 5/8-mile oval) (place – car# – name – laps completed): 1-24 Cameron Hayley 206; 2-64 Garrett Evans 206; 3-39 Pete Harding 206; 4-00 Naima Lang 206; 5-25b                Zack Beaman 206; 6-73 Gary Lewis 206; 7-10r Owen Riddle 206; 8-19 Korbin Thomas 206; 9-37 Mike Longton 206; 10-15t Tayler Riddle 206; 11-99 Shane Mitchell 206; 12-33 Nicole Behar 206; 13-18p Jim Pettit II 206; 14-16w Blake Williams 205; 15-78 John Zaretzke 198; 16-83 Braeden Havens 195; 17-25 Peter Link 180; 18-05 Eric Schmidt 179; 19-65 Tyler Tanner 166; 20-26 Jason Kooy 165; 21-15g Gracin Raz 158; 22-31 Jason Fraser 157; 23-20t Shelby Thompson 141; 24-7e Ron Eaton 132; 25-17 Trevor Emond 132; 26-16 Daniel Moore 115; 27-88 Jason Gilbert 100; 28-7s Mark Sundberg 96; 29-5 Ryan Wells 85; 30-22 Jonathon Gomez 68; 31-0 Brent Harris 56; 32-20s Jay Sauls 47; 33-11 Dustin Ash 47; 34-9 Kelly Mann 29; 35-18 John Bender 29; 36-89 Doni Wanat 14

The $100K Summer Showdown Finally Here

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After months of preparation for the biggest and richest Super Late Model Race on the West Coast, Evergreen Speedway’s 3rd Annual NASCAR Summer Showdown presented by Coors Light on June 27 & 28 is finally here. It should be a record number of Super Late Models with over 50 cars pre-registered and more expected by race day. The $100,000.00+ has drawn drivers from 8 States and 2 Provinces of Canada. The speed weekend begins on Thursday June 26 with an open practice on the BIG Track the 5/8-mile oval. Friday June 27 has Summer Showdown qualifying for the Super Late Models. The local Street Stock and Mini-Stock Divisions will be on the 5/8-mile for main events. The very important Summer Showdown Qualifying Heats (25-laps) where the drivers race their way into the big race.  Saturday will have the Last Chance Shootout(s) (50-laps) to qualify for the remaining positions in the 36 car Summer Showdown 200-lap race with $20,000.00 going to the winner plus the Pro 4 Alliance Race (40-laps) for the 4-cylinder Late Models.

Not only are the drivers from the 8 US States and 2 Canadian Provinces they are very diverse in age and experience. From top named drivers that have won many series and track championships to a group of in their teens to a bit more mature group in their twenties and beyond.

The seasoned veterans include these champions: Pete Harding (Langley, BC) NASCAR NW Tour and winner of the inaugural 2012 Summer Showdown; Garrett Evans (E. Wenatchee, WA) 4-Time NASCAR NW Tour; Ron Eaton (Tacoma, WA) 3-Time NASCAR NW Tour; Gary Lewis (Snohomish, WA) 2-Time NASCAR NW Tour, ARCA NW Tour, ASA NW Tour and Evergreen Speedway Super Late Models; Shane Mitchell (Orondo, WA) many at Wenatchee Valley’s Super Oval; Jim Pettit (Prunedale, CA) 2-Time NASCAR SW Tour & 3-Time SRL; Trevor Emond (Leduc, AB) 10 Time Champion on Asphalt, Dirt and Motocross and Dave Garber (Spokane Valley, WA) 3-Time INSSA Champion.

There are four women entered all in their teens: Molly Helmuth (Seattle, WA) 19-years old is a regular Super Late Model driver at Evergreen Speedway; Jessica Dana (Olympia, WA) 19-years old has the second most experience on the BIG track, the 5/8-mile oval at Evergreen Speedway; Nicole Behar (Otis Orchards, WA) is this youngest of the four at just 16-years old. Her home track is Stateline Speedway in Post Falls, Idaho; Mariah McGriff (Tucson, AZ) the 18 year old granddaughter of NASCAR Legend Hershel McGriff. Mariah will be making her first trip to Evergreen Speedway as a Super Late Model driver. Her home track is NASCAR’s newest Home Track, Tucson Speedway in Tucson, AZ. Each of these ladies has a strong background in racing. Check out at their highlights on their individual web sites.

Some of the other very talented racers in their teens entered are: Gracin Raz (Lake Oswego, OR) 16-years old; Blake Williams (Spokane, WA) 19-years old; Peter Link (Snoqualmie, WA) 19 years old; Brandon Scheiber (Maple Valley, WA) 19-years old; Cameron Hayley (Calgary, AB) 17-years old. Each of these drivers already have championships from quarter midgets to karting. Many have won major races in their young careers. Each has aspirations to further their career and the Summer Showdown’s national attention is another step toward the top.

The twenty somethings abound being led by: Jay Sauls (Puyallup, WA) winner of the 2013 Summer Showdown; Dylan Lupton (Sacramento, CA) 2013 NASCAR K&N Pro Series West Rookie of the Year with 1 win that came at Evergreen Speedway; Owen Riddle (Naches, WA) multiple championships at Yakima Speedway making his first trip to Evergreen Speedway; Dustin Ash (Las Vegas, NV) Las Vegas Motor Speedway Bullring Champion; Austin Reed (Mooresville, NC) multiple championships as Legend driver; Daniel Moore (Spokane, WA) 2013 NASCAR State of Washington and Evergreen Speedway Champion; Shelby Thompson (Spokane, WA) Stateline Speedway Champion; Braeden Havens (Spokane, WA) races on the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West Series, Spokane Raceway and Stateline Speedway winner plus INSSA and ICAR winner; Mike Longton (Moxee, WA) Yakima Speedway Champion; Shane Harding (Langley, BC) 2 Time Evergreen Speedway Champion; Tyler Tanner (Auburn, WA) won this year’s Mark Galloway Shootout 150 at Evergreen Speedway and Jason Gilbert (Dublin, CA) has many wins in his career.

Then there are the 30 to 50 year old group that have many wins throughout their respective racing histories: Naima Lang (Lynnwood, WA) 4-time Evergreen Speedway and NASCAR State of Washington Champion; Eric Schmidt (Roseville, CA); Brent Harris (Wenatchee, WA); Shane Sawin (Snohomish, WA) won a South Sound Speedway Championship; Ryan Wells (Hingham, MT); Kelly Mann (Monroe, WA); John Boyatt (Graham, WA); John Bender (Snohomish, WA); Korbin Thomas (Vancouver, BC); Jason Fraser (Snohomish, WA) with the track record for the Summer Showdown; Dave Hemrich (Delta, BC); Mike Holden (Clearview, WA) currently 2nd place in the NASCAR Whelen All American Series at Evergreen Speedway; David Miller (Coquille, OR); Mike Obrist (Portland, OR); John Zaretzke (Snohomish, WA) 3-time Evergreen and NASCAR State of Washington Champion; Tom Sweatman (Cosmopolis, WA) South Sound Speedway Champion and longtime NASCAR NW Tour competitor and Alan Cress (Stayton, OR).

Add in these very capable drivers that have wins and strong finishes throughout their respective careers: Doni Wanat (Woodinville, WA); Tim McDougald (Tacoma, WA); Jason Kooy (Seattle, WA); Zack Beaman (Yakima, WA); John Lathrop Jr. (Puyallup, WA); Andy Sole (Quincy, WA); Will Hunholz (Vail, AZ); Taylor Riddle (Naches, WA); Tim Minister (Eatonville, WA); Mark Sundberg (Seattle, WA); Bobby Baker (Pasco, WA) and Jeff Knight (Monroe, WA) head Pastor at the Rock Church in Monroe.

More drivers are expected.

Early in the year track operators Doug & Traci Hobbs asked what would it take to make the Summer Showdown bigger and better? The answer was increase the purse to a record amount. They did with the response above expectations by both drivers and the fans. The Hobbs always forward thinking are already planning the 2015 Summer Showdown. In their short tenure, they have quickly raised Evergreen Speedway to the third ranked NASCAR Weekly Track in North America and the biggest weekly track west of the Mississippi. The Hobbs were recently chosen as Racing Promoters of the Year in District 6 by their peers in the Racing Promoters Association.

Summer Showdown Grand Marshall is NASCAR Legend Hershel McGriff who will be available for autographs throughout the two extravaganza. During NASCAR’s 50th anniversary celebration in 1998, McGriff was elected one of NASCAR’s 50 greatest drivers. A plaque with many of McGriff’s career stats is in the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, NC. McGriff has been inducted into Motorsports Hall of Fame, Oregon Sports Hall of Fame, West Coast Stock Car Hall of Fame, Most Popular Driver 12 years running.. McGriff began racing stock cars in 1945 after racing resumed in the U.S. following World War II. At the age of 17, he raced at the Portland Speedway where he finished 12th or 13th in a 250-lapper on a muddy, 5/8-mile track in his minister father’s 1940 Hudson while his father prayed under the bleachers. At age 84, he is NASCAR’s oldest active competitor and NASCAR K&N Pro Series West’s oldest and winningest active competitor, with 31 victories. McGriff won the inaugural Mexican Carrera Pan Americana road race in 1950, outrunning 131 other cars including NASCAR founder Bill France, Curtis Turner and other NASCAR drivers.

The anthem on Saturday will be performed by the 40-member University of Washing Alumni Band and there will be a special fly over.

For more information and or tickets go to or call 360-805-6100.

2014 Summer Showdown Schedule:

Thursday, June 26, 2014

5:00pm – 8:00pm Open Practice

8:00pm Chowdown (Free Food and Drink for Drivers and Teams)

Friday, June 27, 2014

1:00 – 4:00 Practice (alternating through Super Late Models, Street Stocks & Mini-Stocks)

4:30 Qualifying – Mini-Stocks; Street Stocks & Super Late Models (2 laps each)

6:30 Opening Ceremonies

Mini Stock Main Event 30 Laps

Street Stock Main Event 30 Laps

Showdown Qualifying Heat 1 25 Laps

Showdown Qualifying Heat 2 25 Laps

Showdown Qualifying Heat 3 25 Laps

Showdown Qualifying Heat 4 25 Laps (if needed)

Showdown Qualifying Heat 5 25 laps (if needed)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

11:30 – 2:00 Practice (alternating through Super Late Models & Pro 4 Alliance)

2:30 Pro 4 Qualifying 2 Laps

3:45 Last Chance Shootout(s) Driver Introductions

4:00 Last Chance Shootout(s) 50 Laps (Maybe two race if needed)

5:00 Pro 4 Main Event 40 Laps

6:00 Summer Showdown Cars Roll Out Immediately Following Pro 4 Race

6:30 OPENING CEREMONIES. Driver Intros, National Anthem as the last drivers buckle in.

6:45 Start Your Engines for Summer Showdown – 200 Laps



June 21 Family Night presented by Frontier Communications

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On Saturday June 21 at Evergreen Speedway Frontier Communications will be sponsoring Family Night at the Races. Tickets are $10 with 10 and under FREE. The nights racing features the Interstate Batteries Hornet Nationals, Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stocks, Foster Press NASCAR Mini-Stocks, Super Stock Figure 8’s and Pro 4 Trucks. Racing begins at 6pm with spectator gates opening at 4pm.

The Hornet Nationals will be a $500 to win race open to all hornets including door bar cars.  Contenders for the big prize are many, but a few of those that could take home the winner’s check are current Hornet Division point leader Scott Hunt or Mark Hubbard, a three time winner this season, or Cody Hoopes, second in the standings and a frequent visitor to the podium or Zach Bristol, third in the standings and a winner this season. There will be a large contingent for this division’s big night at the race track.

Roger Drake, who leads the points chase for the Street Stock Division Championship, is coming off a rare DNF the last time out. His lead of over 30 points shrank to just 11 with Darrell Lutovsky closing in. Tucked in behind Lutovsky is Steve Ptacek just 5 points back and rookie Kevin Compton is within striking distance just 12 back of Ptacek. Last season’s Rookie of the Year, 17-year old Chad Fitzpatrick, is fifth in the standings with one win to his credit. This division will be on the 3/8-mile this Saturday and on Friday June 27 as part of the $100,000.00 Summer Showdown they move out to the BIG track the 5/8-mile oval.

It has been a tremendous battle amongst three drivers for the Mini-Stock Division Championship. Leader at this time Bobby DeYoung has been on and off the top of the list as has third in point’s rookie Trenton Moriarity. Throw in second in points Andrew Schukar and you have a classic battle on who will be the 2014 champion. With half the season remaining there could be others that climb to the top to join these three. As with the Street Stocks this Division is on the 3/8 this week and on the BIG track on Friday June 27.

The new division the Super Stock Figure 8’s has ‘The One Armed Bandit’ Quenton Borreson on top in the chase. Doug Delfel is second followed by Devin Jenkins. This fledgling division always brings excitement as they challenge “The Planets Most Dangerous Intersection” the dreaded X of the figure eight track.

Pro 4 Truck Series is a traveling group and they are making their third stop at Evergreen this season. With six races at Evergreen on their schedule more than any other track they visit, this is considered their home track in 2014. The points for the 2014 championship are led by Matt Greene with Mike Tipps just behind. Only 1-point behind Tipps is Hayley Wilkinson and Aaron Greene is in fourth. This 3/8-mile division provides great side-by-side truck racing.

For more information and or tickets go to or call 360-805-6100.

Deitz Wins 60-Minutes of FEAR plus all Women Podium

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On Saturday June 14 at Evergreen Speedway Ricky Deitz won his fourth KISW 60-Minutes of FEAR. The night also had a first ever in the 60 year history of the fabled track there was an all-women podium finish in the Buzz Inn Steakhouse Stinger 8 Division main. Jessica Gray was the winner with Nicole Pollard second and Joselyn LaFleur third. In other events Scott Hunt won the Interstate Batteries Hornet main and Scott Rinkle won the NW Vintage Modified main. It was another large crowd on hand to watch the 21st Annual 99.9 KISW 60-Minutes of FEAR (Figure Eight Auto Racing).

Ricky ‘The Kid’ Deitz won the inaugural 60-Minutes of FEAR in 1995 then again in 2007 once again in 2010 and now in 2014. Deitz got the lead around the 15-minute mark and never looked back as he won easily. Easily on a figure eight track is not doable especially when the weather changed in the last 15-minutes as it started to rain and the track got very slick. It was not weather, traffic at the X or other racers that were going to deny Deitz a record event tying fourth win of a major West Coast figure eight race. Second place and on the lead lap was two time event winner John ‘Cowboy’ Carlson. Mike Middleton was third a few laps back followed by Doug Wilkinson and Quenton ‘The One Armed Bandit’ Borreson. Next BIG event for the Figure Eights is the 31st Annual Seattle Sun Tan Figure Eight Nationals presented by Northsound 1380 on August 9.

Never before in a non all women’s race have three women finished on the podium. On Saturday that all changed. Even though they had come close with two on the dais never three. In the Stinger 8 main the three women worked their way through race traffic and the traffic at the X of the figure eight and finally took over the top three spots and finished one, two, three. Jessica Gray was the first to the checkers followed closely by Nicole Pollard and not far behind was Joselyn LaFleur. All three are friends and they were elated to finally have broken the barrier. Fourth went to Lance O’Grain and fifth to Jason Wilson.

Hornet point leader Scott Hunt showed prowess on the 3/8-mile by winning the 25-lap feature by over 2 seconds. Mark Hubbard finished second and just could not catch Hunt. Hunt credited Hubbard with teaching him and helping set the car up. In third it was Cody Hoopes, fourth went to Nicole Pollard and fifth to Mike Ridley. Next up for this large division is the Interstate Batteries Hornet Nationals next Saturday June 21.

Scott Rinkle was the winner of the NW Vintage Modified feature. Rinkle set fast time and wasted no time getting to the lead and pulled way to the victory. This was the second of three stops at Evergreen for this traveling series. Bobby Wheeler Jr. was second just ahead of Kyten Jones. Next two spots respectively were John Mustered and Tom Smitham.

Next Up: Saturday June 21 Frontier Communications Family Night with all tickets $10 with 10 years old and under Free. The night features the Interstate Batteries Hornet Nationals plus the Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stocks, Foster Press NASCAR Mini-Stocks, Super Stock Figure 8’s and the Pro 4 Truck Series. Racing begins at 6pm with spectator gates opening at 4pm. For tickets and or more information go to or call 360-805-6100.

Evergreen Speedway June 14 Official Results:

21st Annual 99.9 KISW 60-Minutes of FEAR (60 minutes figure 8 track): 1-Ricky Deitz; 2-John Carlson; 3-Mike Middleton; 4-Doug Wilkinson; 5-Quenton Borreson; 6-Pat Clarke; 7-Zach Larson; 8-Steve Schoenfeldt; 9-Doug Delfel; 10-Jake Repin; 11-Mike Steltz; 12-Steve Cox; 13-Chris Harrison; 14-Don Eslick; 15-Steve Peters; 16-Nick Gunderson; 17-Jesse Burtino

Buzz Inn Steakhouse Stinger 8’s (30-laps figure 8 track): 1-Jessica Gray; 2-Nichole Pollard; 3-Joselyn LaFleur; 4-Lance O’Grain; 5-Jason Wilson; 6-Matt Somerville; 7-Ryan Barber; 8-Tyler Draper; 9-Bryant Carlson; 10-Zach Neel; 11-Toby Jenkins; 12-Donnie Bennett

Interstate Batteries Hornets (25-laps 3/8-mile oval): 1-Scott Hunt; 2-Mark Hubbard; 3-Cody Hoopes; 4-Nicole Pollard; 5-Mike Ridley; 6-Scott Burby; 7-Cullen Hubbard; 8-Zach Bristol; 9-Richard Morgan; 10-Justin Brave; 11-Jason Wilson; 12-Shelby Minor; 13-Ryan Barber; 14-Briana Heilman; 15-Jay Carpenter; 16-Kahl Cheth; 17-Cyril Greenawalt; 18-Bryant Carlson; 19-Mike Daher; 20-Tyler Draper; 21-Rick Hubbard; 22-Zach Neel

NW Vintage Modifieds (30-laps 3/8-mile oval): 1-Scott Rinkle; 2-Bobby Wheeler Jr.; 3-Kyten Jones; 4-John Mustered; 5-Tom Smitham; 6-Robert Rux; 7-Jeff Peterson; 8-Devin Eirman


Mylaps Link to June 14 Results

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The Countdown Begins for the $100K Summer Showdown

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With the richest and biggest Super Late Model Race in the 60 year history of Evergreen Speedway looming closer, the entries are pouring in for the $20,000.00 to win $100,000.00 Summer Showdown presented by Coors Light on June 27 & 28. The 200-lap race on Evergreen’s 5/8-mile oval, the biggest NASCAR weekly track on the West Coast, is bringing many of the country’s best Super Late Model racers to the Northwest. The 2014 Summer Showdown with the $100,000.00 plus purse and $1,000.00 to start the feature and $650 for making the Last Chance Qualifier has been chosen by a major racing publication as a race you want to put on your Bucket List.   The car count for this year’s Summer Showdown looks to exceed the previous record of 52 cars set in the 1990’s when there was the Western Nationals pitting the Northwest Tour vs the Southwest Tour.

The Summer Showdown is drawing many champions such as: Pete Harding (Langley, BC) NASCAR NW Tour and winner of the inaugural Summer Showdown; Jay Sauls (Puyallup, WA) 2013 Summer Showdown; Gary Lewis (Snohomish, WA) 2-Time NASCAR NW Tour, ARCA NW Tour, ASA NW Tour and Evergreen Speedway Super Late Models; Garrett Evans (E. Wenatchee, WA) 4-Time NASCAR NW Tour; Ron Eaton (Tacoma, WA) 3-Time NASCAR NW Tour; Jim Pettit (Prunedale, CA) 2-Time NASCAR SW Tour & 3-Time SRL; Eric Schmidt (Roseville, CA) SRL; Trevor Emond (Leduc, ALB) ARCA West, Western Canada SLM, Western Racing League; Jonathon Gomez (Twin Falls, ID) SRL; Cameron Hayley (Calgary, ALB) Dakota Dunes SLM, won the inaugural NASCAR K&N Pro Series ‘Battle at the Beach’ at Daytona Speedway; Jeremy Doss (Upper Lake, CA) 2-Time AABLM; Blake Williams (Spokane, WA) ICAR, Hydrive; Korbin Thomas (White Rock, BC) 3-Time Canada Sportsman Tour; Dave Garber (Spokane Valley, WA) 3-Time INSSA; Braeden Havens (Airway Heights, WA) INSSA; John Boyatt (Graham, WA) LLMRs.

Then there are the many champions from their respective tracks including such drivers as: Brent Harris (Wenatchee, WA) Wenatchee Valley’s Super Oval; Tom Sweatman (Cosmopolis, WA) South Sound Speedway; Ryan Wells (Hingham, MT) Montana Raceway Park; Kelly Mann (Monroe, WA) Yakima Speedway, South Sound Speedway; Dylan Lupton (Sacramento, CA) SRL S2; Owen Riddle (Naches, WA) Yakima Speedway; Dustin Ash (Las Vegas, NV) Las Vegas Bullring; Austin Reed (Mooresville, NC) Multiple Legends Series, Mike Longton (Moxee, WA) Yakima Speedway, Alan Cress (Stayton, OR) Douglas County Speedway, Shane Mitchell (Orondo, WA) Wenatchee Valley’s Super Oval, Justin Gilbert (Dublin, CA) Stockton 99, NASCAR California State, Shane Sawin ( Snohomish, WA) South Sound Speedway.

Never count out Evergreen Speedway’s NASCAR State of Washington and Track Champions such as: Naima Lang (Snohomish, WA) 4-Time; John Bender (Maltby, WA); Shane Harding (Langley, BC) 2-Time; John Zaretzke (Snohomish, WA) 3-Time; Daniel Moore (Spokane, WA).

There are many others who could win the BIG prize that make up the 60 plus drivers that are expected for this record setting BIG money race. For more information, registration and or tickets go to or call 360-805-6100.

21st Annual 60 Minutes of FEAR Saturday June 14

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On Saturday June 14 at Evergreen Speedway KISW 99.9 presents the 21st Annual 60 Minutes of FEAR. This is one of the two major figure eight events each season. 60-minutes of continuous mayhem on the track with the ‘Planets Most Dangerous Intersection’ the fast and furious Evergreen Speedway Figure Eight. Also the 4-cylinder figure eight division, the Buzz Inn Steakhouse Stinger 8’s, will be challenged by the same intersection. In addition the Interstate Batteries Hornets and NW Vintage Modifieds will be in action. Racing starts at 6pm with spectator gates opening at 4pm for the ‘Rain or Shine’ racing at the ‘Super Speedway of the West’. Fans are protected from the elements under the covered grandstand at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, WA.

There are two races each season that the figure eight drivers look forward to, they are the 60-Minutes of FEAR and the Figure Eight Nationals in August. Each driver wants to add their name to the list of drivers that have won one of these major races. Last season’s 60-Minutes of FEAR winner Nick Gunderson will be back to defend. Previous winners expected are Mike Middleton 2011; Ricky Dietz 2010, 2007 & 1994; John Carlson 2008 & 2006; Steve Cox 2003, 2001, 2000 & 1998. Other past winners that may get back in a car for the big race are: Brian Gunderson 1995; Dave Brandenburg 1996; Steve Peters 2002; Don Eslick 2004 & 2012 and Greg Scott 2005 & 2009. Retired are the 1997 winner Ron Steltz and Ken Schukar 1999. There are many drivers that would like to join the past winners such as: Mike Steltz, Jake Repin, Pat Clark and Quenton Borreson. Another strong field is expected to contend for the big purse offered for this race.

Stinger 8 point leader and rookie Toby Jenkins has held the top position since the first race of the season. Two wins has kept him ahead of his nearest challenger Joselyn LaFleur with one win. In third is Jessica Gray also with one win. This highly competitive division is once again setting up for that final race of the season to decide who will be the 2014 Stinger 8 Division Champion.

Another tightly contested division is the Hornets. Last season second place in points lost the title by just 2-points. That driver leads this season’s point chase. Scott Hunt has 2-wins and leads Cody Hoopes and Zach Bristol. As with the Stinger 8’s, this division looks to be headed for another final night close finish to decide the division title holder.

The traveling NW Vintage Modifieds will be making their 2nd of three stops at Evergreen Speedway this season. They are always a fast and racey group in their older styled Open Wheeled Modifieds.

For more information and or tickets go to or call 360-805-6100.

Summer Showdown Best Racing and Best Prices

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The 2014 $100,000.00 Summer Showdown presented by Coors Light on June 27 & 28 at Evergreen Speedway is bringing over 50 of the country’s best Super Late Model Racers to the ‘Super Speedway of the West’ and has outstanding pricing for a race of this magnitude. The 2 day reserved combo is $50 but for a limited time by going online is $40. The reserved seats at the start finish line in sections D & E with seat backs is a fantastic deal. General admission is also a great value to watch the best of the best on the BIG track the 5/8-mile paved oval. Friday is $15 and Saturday is $25 for adults 12+ and youth 6-11 $10 each day and under 5 Free. The biggest purse in Super Late Model history at Evergreen Speedway and the biggest on the West Coast. Come see who will make the 200-lap race and who wins the $20,000.00 winner’s check.

Thursday June 26:

3:00 Back Gates Open

5:00 – 8:00: Open Practice (5/8-mile)

8:00: Chowdown (drivers and teams free food & drink)

Friday June 27:  

1:00 – 4:00: Rotating Practice (SLM Summer Showdown – Mini-Stocks – Street Stocks)

4:30: Qualifying (5/8-mile) (Mini-Stocks, Street Stocks, SLM Showdown) (2-laps)

6:30: Opening Ceremonies

Mini-Stocks & Street Stocks Mains (30-laps each)

Summer Showdown Qualifying Heat Races (25-laps each) (number of heats as needed)

Post-Race: Chowdown (drivers and teams free food & drink)

Saturday June 28:

11:30 – 2:00: Rotating Practice (SLM Summer Showdown – Pro 4 Alliance)

2:30: Qualifying (5/8-mile) Pro 4 Alliance (2-laps)

4:00: Last Chance Qualifier Race(s) 50-Laps

Pro 4 Alliance Main 40-laps

Summer Showdown Cars Roll Out

 6:30: (Approx.) Opening Ceremonies (Driver Intro – Don Scriver Fast Time Award $1,000.00 –

National Anthems as Drivers Buckle In)

Start Engines for Summer Showdown – 200-laps on 5/8-mile

(Tentative Schedule (Times and Schedules are subject to change))

 Tickets can be obtained online or via phone. Go to

or call 360-805-6100. Save yourself time and money by getting your tickets to this record breaking event early.

Summer Showdown Has Record Entries of Women Drivers

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The $100,000.00 Summer Showdown presented by Coors Light on June 27 & 28 at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA a new record will be set. In the sixty year history of this fabled race track never before have more than two women started a Super Late Model race. That will possibly be broken with the potential of four women starting the 200-lap Summer Showdown. With over 50 cars from all over the US and Canada expected just making the Summer Showdown will be tough enough for male or female. The four women drivers are very capable of handling this tough assignment.

Molly Helmuth (Seattle, WA) a regular Super Late Model driver at Evergreen Speedway has the most track experience at her home track. In her third season of racing the big cars the petite young 19 year old has proven to be able to handle the car and the pressure of racing with the big boys. After racing karts in her early life she graduated to running in the Mini-Stock Division at Evergreen where she became a fan favorite at only 14 years old when she became Rookie of the Year. During her two year stint in the Mini-Stock she also traveled the Northwest in a Pro 4 Truck. Moving up to the Super Late Model Stock Cars in 2012 where she became the NASCAR State of Washington and Evergreen Speedway Rookie of the Year and was named one of NASCAR’s top 500 Late Model Drivers. Last season she finished 6th in the points out of 41 drivers in the Evergreen Speedway NASCAR Whelen All American Series Super Late Model Division.  She started in the last two Summer Showdowns. More information about Molly at

Jessica Dana (Olympia, WA) the 19-year old has the second most experience on the BIG track the 5/8-mile oval at Evergreen Speedway. She is also a two time entrant of the Summer Showdown. She started in Karting and quickly moved to Super Late Model Stock Cars at her home track South Sound Speedway. Jessica has beaten the best during her brief Karting career including NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon, Kenny Wallace, Travis Pastrana plus other top Karting drivers. With strong determination on and off the track Jessica has set lofty goals that she just may obtain. A strong run in the 2014 Summer Showdown will go a long ways towards obtaining them. More information about Jessica at

Mariah McGriff (Tucson, AZ) the 18 year old granddaughter of NASCAR Legend Hershel McGriff was born in Portland, OR. Mariah will be making her first trip to Evergreen Speedway as a Super Late Model driver. Her home track is NASCAR’s newest Home Track Tucson Speedway, the former Tucson Raceway Park. This being her first season in the big cars she is the Speedway’s Rookie of the Year and finished fourth in the standings. An honor roll student throughout her time in school is now attending college along with racing. She has helped maintain her grandpa’s K&N Pro Series West Car along with her own Super Late Model. Her life has been around racing in all different aspects starting with her Uncle Tex Powell founder/owner of Tex Racing Enterprises in North Carolina which maintains and builds transmissions for most NASCAR teams. Her aunt Debbie is married to Chuck Bown the 1990 NASCAR Busch Series Champion and drove a NASCAR Craftsman Truck and Cup Series Car for many years. Another Uncle, Doug McGriff was a racer in Oregon winning the Oregon Auto Racing Association Late Model Division Championship. Her dad, Hershel McGriff Junior, has won multiple races in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada and California and was the 1990 NASCAR Northwest Tour Rookie of the Year. Hershel Jr. opened a fabricating shop in 1982 named JR Industries where Mariah spent much of growing up years.

Her grandfather Hershel McGriff holds many records in his long NASCAR career and is in the NASCAR history books. Including the most wins (14) of any driver at the old Riverside Speedway in California. He was the 1986 NASCAR Winston West Series Champion (Now the K&N Pro Series West) and raced competitively until the age of 83. Hershel was also one NASCAR’s 50 best named to the top 50 Legends of NASCAR along with many other titles and racing history.

The whole family will be coming to Evergreen Speedway for Mariah’s debut where her Grandfather Hershel will be the honorary Grand Marshal of the 2014 Summer Showdown. More information about Mariah at

Nicole Behar (Otis Orchards, WA) is this youngest of the four at just 16-years old. Nicole started going fast at 2-years old on a snow mobile. An 11th grader at East Valley High in Spokane Valley. Her home track is Stateline Speedway in Post Falls, Idaho. She started in the Baby Grand Division quickly moving up to Fever Fours and on to 2,900 lb. Super Late Models. On her way to the top she won 6 karting championships including an IKF Region 6 Gold Cup Series. She broke the Stateline track record 5 times in the Fever Four Class. Moving to the Super Late Model in 2012 was no problem for the young lady winning her first race in her rookie year and became Rookie of the Year and finished runner-up in the points. Not satisfied with just running big races in the Northwest Nicole has also run some Modified events with great success. In 2013 Nicole was one of the 20 drivers selected to attend NASCAR Drive for Diversity Combine at Langley Speedway in Hampton, Virginia. Nicole in very short time has become a threat no matter what track she has raced at, even those that she has never been to before. Nicole will be making her first trip to the BIG track at Evergreen Speedway in this year’s Summer Showdown. More information about Nicole at

There is the potential of more women joining these four as entries are still coming in for the 2014 $100,000.00 Summer Showdown presented by Coors Light on June 27 & 28. The 200 lap race for Super Late Models has drawn nationwide attention with drivers from throughout the US and Canada entered for the $20,000.00 to win event. The national racing periodical Speedway Illustrated has named the Summer Showdown as one of six races in the country that you need to put on your must see bucket list.

For more information call 360-805-6100.

Holden Wins 60th Anniversary 75

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It was the 60th Anniversary Reunion Night at the Races on Saturday June 7 at Evergreen Speedway. The Genie Terex presented by NAPA Auto Parts 75 for the Speedway Chevrolet NASCAR Whelen All American Series Super Late Models presented by Emerald City Harley-Davidson of Lynnwood was won by Mike Holden. The Foster Press NASCAR Mini-Stock/Outlaw compact main was won by Scott Burby. Doug Wilkinson won the Outlaw Figure 8 Main and Lance O’Grain won the Buzz Inn Steakhouse feature. A big crowd with over 200 of the past racers and employees treated to a free night at the race track. The next 10 were added to the previous 50 Best Ever List and received a nice plaque to commemorate their being on the list of 60.

Mike Holden won his second of the season as he was able to grab the lead with an outside pass on Tom Moriarity who led the first 35 laps. Once Holden got the lead he never gave it up even after two double file restarts in the final stages of the 75-lap race. Shane Harding finished second in his old car, saving the new one for the Summer Showdown on June 27 & 28. Third went to Tom Moriarity, fourth went to Daniel Moore and fifth to Naima Lang. Nineteen cars showed for this special night. Next up for the Super Late Models is the $100,000.00 Summer Showdown presented by Coors Light on the BIG track June 27 & 28. This is the biggest payday for this type of race on the West Coast and ever at Evergreen Speedway. Over 50 cars are expected.

The Mini-Stock/Outlaw Compact main winner Scott Burby survived a spin and door hit to win his first this season. Having to go to the back after the incident Burby took very little time to get back to second. Staying on Bobby DeYoung’s bumper for a few laps. Suddenly DeYoung slowed and Burby grabbed the lead. DeYoung had a front tire that had gone flat and survived the final laps running on the rim to finish third behind Andrew Schukar who survived and airborne incident as he got together with Devin Kessler who finished fourth. Fifth position went to Eric Angeledes.

Getting his first win as an Outlaw Figure 8 driver Doug Wilkinson made a last lap last turn drive to get by Nick Gunderson. Gunderson finished second. Third place went Mike Steltz who led most of the race only to spin in traffic with a few laps to go in the 50-lap event. Fourth and fifth were Steve Cox and Zach Larson respectively. After the post-race inspection Wilkinson’s car was disqualified. Everyone is moved up a position with Gunderson the winner.

Former Stinger 8 champion Lance O’Grain drove the JJ Edwards car to victory. O’Grain showed that he has not lost his Stinger 8 ability that took him to the 2011 championship. Second went to point leader and rookie contender Toby Jenkins. Jason Wilson was third with Joselyn LaFleur fourth and Matt Somerville fifth.

Next up at Evergreen Speedway on Saturday June 14 is the Annual KISW 99.9 60 Minutes of FEAR for the Figure 8 cars. The Buzz Inn Steakhouse Stinger 8’s, Interstate Batteries Hornets and Vintage Modifieds are also in action. Racing starts at 6pm. For more information go to or call 360-805-6100.

Evergreen Speedway June 7 Official Finish:

Speedway Chevrolet NASCAR Whelen All American Series Super Late Models (75-laps 3/8-mile oval) (position-car #-name-laps completed): 1-32 Mike Holden 75; 2-39 Shane Harding 75; 3-12 Tom Moriarity 75; 4-16 Daniel Moore 75; 5-00 Naima Lang 75; 6-65 Tyler Tanner 75; 7-20 Andy Sole 75; 8-07 Jeff Knight 75; 9-75 Brandon Scheiber 75; 10-89 Doni Wanat 75; 11-26 Jason Kooy 75; 12-90 Molly Helmuth 75; 13-18 John Bender 74; 14-1 Shane Sawin 72; 15-9 Kelly Mann 34; 16-10 John Boyatt 19; 17-3 Brion Philley 8; 18-30 Tyler Baker 4; 19-09 Timothy Minister 1

Foster Press NASCAR mini-Stocks/Outlaw Compacts (30-laps 3/8-mile oval) (position-car #-name-laps completed): 1-41 Scott Burby 30; 2-07 Andrew Schukar 30; 3-65 Bobby DeYoung 30; 4-18 Devin Kessler 30; 5-05 Eric Angeledes 30; 6-55 Kenny McCoy 30; 7-18k AJ Verdugo 29; 8-27 Kyle Howry 29; 9-11x Kenny Schukar 29; 10-16 Travis Woodward 28; 11-44t Brian Taylor 19; 12-11c Chad Sinner 14; 13-5 Brad Thomas 13; 14-76 Mark Creager 13; 15-6 Drew Hawthorne 13; 16-24 Trenton Moriarity 13; 17-13 Douglas Hinds 13

Outlaw Figure 8’s (50-laps Figure 8) (position-car #-name-laps completed): 1-33 Nick Gunderson 50; 2-67 Mike Steltz 50; 3-7 Steve Cox 50; 4-83 Zach Larson 49; 5-74 Chris Curtis 49; 6-75 Mike Middleton 49; 7-17 Tommy Gapp 49; 8-50 John Carlson 44; 9-38 Chris Harrison 18; 10-76 Ricky Dietz 15; 11-45 Jake Repin 10; 12-55 Doug Wilkinson DQ’ed

Buzz Inn Steakhouse Stinger 8’s (30-laps Figure 8) (position-car #-name-laps completed): 1-84 Lance O’Grain 30; 2-11 Toby Jenkins 30; 3-50 Jason Wilson 30; 4-06 Joselyn LaFleur 30; 5-21 Matt Somerville 30; 6-04 Jessica Gray 29; 7-07 Zach Bristol 28; 8-13 Tyler Draper 27; 9-37 Robert Martin 26

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