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Link to My Laps for May 31 Results

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Frontier Communications Family Night May 31

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On Saturday May 31 Frontier Communications is sponsoring Family Night at Evergreen Speedway with special pricing of $10 and kids 10 and under Free. This special lets the fan enjoy a night of racing at yesteryear prices in honor of Evergreen’s 60th Anniversary season. The race goer will see the Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stocks, Interstate Batteries Hornets, the new division the Super Stock Figure 8’s, FSCRA Super 4 Late Models and Pro 4 Truck Series. Racing begins at 6pm with spectator gates opening at 4pm.

Can someone dethrone Roger Drake, last year’s division champion in the Street Stock Division? Drake has won four of the first five races this season with the only other win by 17-year old second year driver Chad Fitzpatrick. There are a slew of drivers in this division that are capable of winning and a few wins strung together gets them back in the points chase for the title. Look for Steve Ptacek, Darrell Lutovsky or Jim Foti to finally get their season’s first win. Another that has come close is rookie Kevin Compton.

The 2013 Hornet Division championship went to the final night of racing to decide who won the title. This season is setting up to be the same. Point leader Scott Hunt who lost the championship by 2-points last season has 2-wins in 5-starts. Cody Hoopes is second in points and has yet to win but is always near the front. Last week’s race winner Zach Bristol is third and 14-year old rookie Justin Brave is fourth.

Quinton Borreson leads the points for the first ever Super Stock Figure 8 championship. This newest division races on the figure eight track with the ‘The Planets Most Dangerous Intersection’ the X. Borreson drives with one arm hence his nickname ‘The One Armed Bandit’. Steve Peters is second in points and his moniker is ‘The Battle Wagon’. Doug Delfel ‘The Griz’ is third in the chase for the championship.

Two traveling series roll into Evergreen this Saturday with the Pro 4 Truck Series making a second stop at the ‘Super Speedway of the West’. First time here Terry Warren was the winner. The FSCRA Super 4 Late Models will make their first of two stops this season. Rusty Sage won the opener for the series a few weeks ago at South Sound Speedway.

For more information and or tickets go to or call 360-805-6100.

Evergreen Speedway 60th Anniversary All Time Drivers

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Evergreen Speedway is celebrating its 60th year of hosting North America’s premier racers. During the 50th anniversary season a list of the 50 best drivers to ever drive at Evergreen Speedway was announced. Staying with that tradition 10 more drivers have been added to that list. It was a difficult decision on who to add to this prestigious group of racers.  There are so many great names to choose from.

The new drivers that will now make up the top 60 are: Brian Delfel, John Carlson, Bob Fox, Shane Harding, Rob Holden, Naima Lang, Dave Lund, Jack McCoy, Dave Snow and Wally Walling.

They will be added to this list of the previously chosen 50: Harry Jefferson, Wayne Crum, Roy Smith, Pete Harding, Derrike Cope, Bill Elliott, Geoff Bodine, Ken Schrader, Ron Eaton, Tobey Butler, Ray Elder, Chad Little, David Pearson, Sterling Marlin, The Hubbard Family, Vern Dietz, The Young Family, Gordy Stewart, Kevin Hamlin, Gary Lewis, John Zaretzke, John Bender, Duane Schoesbeck, Billie Williams, Ben Chandler, Lee Daily, Ross Fontes, Ken Hamilton, Carl Zaretzke, Steve Peters, Scott LaCross, Ron Daggett, Alseth Family, Tom Moriarity, Doug Delfel, Bill Zimmerman, The Conwell Family, Steve Cox, Garrett Evans, Harold Babula, Mike Bliss, Ron Hornaday Jr., Bill Sedgwick, Butch Gililand, Hershel McGriff, Art Pollard, Don McCloud, Kelly Tanner, Tom Sneva and Jerry McGlees.

The new additions will be honored on June 7 at the Genie Terex presented by NAPA Auto Parts 60th Anniversary/Driver Reunion Night at the Races. All past racers and or employees will be admitted free with a guest. The new additions to the top 60 will receive 4 free tickets. To get your free tickets register at The night will feature the Speedway Chevrolet NASCAR Whelen All American Series Super Late Model 75 on the 3/8-mile oval, Outlaw Figure 8’s, Foster Press NASCAR Mini-Stocks/Outlaw Compacts, Renegade 8’s and Buzz Inn Steakhouse Stinger 8’s. Start time is 6pm with spectator gates opening at 4pm.

For more information and or tickets go to or call 360-805-6100.

Tanner Wins Galloway 150

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Saturday May 24 at Evergreen Speedway, Tyler Tanner, the 3rd generation driver, will remember the day and the race as his first win at Evergreen and his first major win. Tanner won the $5000.00 to win Monroe Grocery Outlet Bargain Market Mark Galloway Memorial 150 Shootout for the Speedway Chevrolet NASCAR Whelen All American Series Super Late Models on the BIG 5/8-mile paved oval. On the 3/8-mile oval Roger Drake picked up his 4th win this season in five starts in his Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stock. The Foster Press NASCAR Mini-Stock feature winner was rookie Trenton Moriarity, his 2nd of the season. The traveling Columbia River Legends Series feature was won by Randy Shaaf. Super weather, fantastic car count and large crowd kicked off the holiday weekend with great fanfare.

In one of the most competitive Galloway 150’s, Tyler Tanner won his first race at Evergreen Speedway. The young third generation driver, with his grandfather Leonard Sundholm, his mom Leann (Sundholm) Tanner and his dad Kelly Tanner (crew chief and spotter) (all former racers at Evergreen) watching, showed that he may be the one to beat in the upcoming $100,000.00 Summer Showdown 200 on June 27 & 28. Tanner got the lead mid-way through the 150-lap race. After the break at lap 100 Tanner lost the lead to Jason Fraser. Fraser took the lead in the early stages of the race only to have to pit during a red flag to get attention to a mechanical problem. Fraser came from the back to second by the 100-lap break. When Fraser got the lead after the break, Tanner stayed with him and the two broke away from the pack. The move of the race came with 15-laps to go. Andy Sole, with a cut down right front tire, was heading off turn four with sparks flying and another lapped car the two leaders went to the outside to make the pass. Fraser backed off just enough for Tanner to boldly go to the outside to make it four wide as they headed down the front stretch. He was able to gain the lead for the final time and get that first win.

In qualifying for the Galloway 150 four drivers were under the old track record. Fraser and Tanner were the top two followed by Kelly Mann and Jay Sauls. Mann ended up finishing third. Fourth went to Daniel Moore and fifth to Tom Moriarity. Unfortunately Fraser’s car did not pass post-race inspection and everyone was moved up a position and his record breaking qualifying will not stand. Tanner will have the new record for a NASCAR Whelen All American Series race at :22.310 (112.9mph).

Roger Drake, last season’s Street Stock champion, garnered his fourth win much earlier this season than last. Mimicking the start of last season Drake opened with three straight wins followed by a second place finish. Last season it was at the end of August that the fourth win came. Drake, in defense of the title, has won four in his first five starts. Second place went to Jim Foti and third to Steve Ptacek.

The Mini-Stock division has had five races this season and rookie Trenton Moriarity has won two of them. The other two time winner this season and the point’s leader heading into the night, Bobby DeYoung, finished eighth and lost 14-points to Moriarity. Moriarity unofficially will be the new leader. Second place went to Devin Kessler and third went to Brad Thomas.

A large contingent of Legends were on hand for their first visit to Evergreen this season. Many time Pro and Masters Champion Randy Shaaf won the main. Second spot went to Duane Swanson followed by Robert Gayton. The race was slowed when a red flag was flown as three cars tangled on the back stretch and Nick Beecher’s car overturned. All drivers were OK.

Next Up: Saturday May 31 is the second Frontier Communications Family Night and Mascot Night. All adults get in for just $10. The night will feature the Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stocks, Super Stock Figure 8’s, Interstate Batteries Hornets, Pro 4 Truck Series and FSCRA Super Four Late Models. Racing begins at 6pm with spectator gates opening at 4pm.

For more information go to or call 360-805-6100.

Evergreen Speedway Official Results May 24:

Mark Galloway 150 Shootout Speedway Chevrolet NASCAR Whelen All American Series Super Late Models (150-laps 5/8-mile oval) (position- car# – name – laps): 1. 65 – Tyler Tanner 150; 2. 9 – Kelly Mann 150; 3. 16 – Daniel Moore 150; 4. 12 – Tom Moriarity 150; 5. 25b                – Zach Beaman 150; 6. 26 – Jason Kooy 150; 7. 99x – Shane Mitchell 150; 8. 32 – Mike Holden 149; 9. 20s – Jay Sauls 149; 10. 07 – Jeff Knight 148; 11. 18 – John Bender 148; 12. 75 – Brandon Scheiber 148; 13. 00 – Naima Lang 146; 14. 10x – John Boyatt            142; 15. 20 – Andy Sole 131; 16. 22 – John Lathrup Jr 110; 17. 89 – Doni Wanat 106; 18. 36 – Grant Brown 105; 19. 25 – Peter Link 104; 20. 73 – Gary Lewis 46; 21. 90 – Molly Helmuth 36; 22. 99 – Scott LaCross 36; 23. 09 – Timothy Minister 34; 24. 68 – Tim McDougald 29; 25. 39 – Pete Harding 2; Jessica Dana DNS; Tyler Baker DNS; Jason Fraser DQ’ed

Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stocks (30-laps 3/8-mile oval): 1. Roger Drake, 2. Jim Foti, 3. Steve Ptacek, 4. Darrell Lutovsky, 5. Mike Marthaller, 6. John McCourt, 7. Chad Fitzpatrick, 8. Kenny Erickson, 9. Kevin Compton, 10. Carl Davidson

Foster Press NASCAR Mini-Stocks (30-laps 3/8-mile oval): 1. Trenton Moriarity, 2. Devin Kessler, 3. Brad Thomas, 4. Andrew Schukar, 5. AJ Verdugo, 6. Travis Woodward, 7. Brian Taylor, 8. Bobby DeYoung, 9. Kyle Schukar, 10. Sheridan Horn-Vincent, 11. Chad Sinner, 12. Scott Burby, 13. Chuck Richard

Columbia River Legends (25-laps 3/8-mile oval): 1. Randy Schaaf, 2. Duane Swanson, 3. Robert Gayton, 4. Randy Beddow, 5. Alex Ludeman, 6. Brent Mack, 7. Jon VanGesen, 8. Dan Beecher, 9. Jose Zamudio, 10. Lloyd Bigler, 11. Bill Kik, 12. Chad Sinner, 13. Jeff Mueller, 14. Josh LaPlante, 15. Neena Kik, 16. Brian Boyd, 17. Larry Cantrall, 18. #24h, 19. Gary Wegener, 20. Renny Marose, 21. Nick Beecher, 22. Jake Woods, 23. Rick McNeil, 24. Rikki Hector



My Laps for 5/24 and 5/25

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May 24th My Laps

May 25th My Laps


SLM 150 Opens Double Header Weekend May 24 & 25

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On Saturday and Sunday May 24 & 25 it is the annual Memorial Day Weekend Double Header at Evergreen Speedway. On Saturday May 24 it is the fourth annual Mark Galloway Memorial 150 Shootout presented by Monroe Grocery Outlet Bargain Market. 150-laps on the BIG 5/8-mile paved oval for the Speedway Chevrolet NASCAR Whelen All American Series Super Late Models. Over 30-drivers have committed for this $5000.00 to win and $500 to start race. In addition on the 3/8-mile paved oval the Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stocks, Foster Press NASCAR Mini-Stocks and a large contingent from the Columbia River Legends. On Sunday May 25 the holiday weekend continues with the Sean Peters Memorial Truck Fest presented by Republic Services. The night will feature the Outlaw Figure 8’s, Buzz Inn Steakhouse Stinger 8’s, Interstate Batteries Hornets, Boat Races, Renegade 8’s, Legends, Truck Demolition Derby and Gigantic Fireworks Display. Both nights racing begins at 6pm rain or shine with the fans protected by the covered grandstand at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe.

For the first time this season the lure of the BIG Track brings the best Northwest USA and Canada SLM drivers to Evergreen Speedway for the 150-lap Mark Galloway 150 Shootout. Top drivers such as: Pete Harding (Surrey B.C.) many time winner on the Big Track including the first ever Summer Showdown. Gary Lewis the only driver to ever win a NASCAR Touring Series, ARCA Touring Series, ASA Touring Series Championship. Jason Fraser winner of the 2013 Galloway 150 Shootout. Shane Mitchell many time champion at WVSO. Jay Sauls winner of last year’s Summer Showdown. Naima Lang 4-time Evergreen Speedway SLM champion. Tom Moriarity a 6-time track champion. Austin Reed (Mooresville, NC) a rising star of SLM racing, is coming all the way from the East Coast. Two drivers that have won this season on the shorter 3/8-mile Mike Holden (Snohomish, WA) and last season’s track champion Daniel Moore (Spokane, WA). These are just a few of the 30+ drivers expected for what many consider a tune-up for the $100,000.00 Summer Showdown on June 27 & 28.

Street Stocks are back at it for the 2014 championship. This division was last on track two weeks ago and young Chad Fitzpatrick garnered his first ever divisional win. Three time winner this season Roger Drake has the early point lead with the top eight within 45-points of the leader. There are a lot of races left this season for this division and Drake will need to keep an eye on them as each is in pursuit of a first ever division championship.

Bobby DeYoung leads the chase in the Mini-Stock division for the 2014 championship. Trenton Moriarity in his rookie season sits second in this very competitive division. The top five are tightly bunched with three different winners in the first four races. The only repeat winner is DeYoung.

Last time out for the Columbia River Legends was at WVSO last weekend with veteran Duane Swanson picking up the win. The other winner this season for this traveling series is young Parker Stephens, who won a Legends race at Evergreen last season, winning the opener at Yakima Speedway. This series always shows with a large field of cars.

Remember both Saturday and Sunday May 24 & 25 start at 6pm. Super Late Models on the 5/8, Street Stocks, Mini-Stocks and Legends on the 3/8 on Saturday. On Sunday Truck Demo, Outlaw & Stinger 8’s, Hornets, Boat Races, Renegades and Fireworks. For more information and or tickets go to or call 360-805-6100.

Hershel McGriff to be Grand Marshall of Summer Showdown

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Evergreen Speedway announced that NASCAR Legend, Hershel McGriff will be the Grand Marshall of the $100,000.00 Summer Showdown for Super Late Model Stock Cars on June 27 & 28.  The Summer Showdown is the richest purse for Super Late Models in the 60 year history of Evergreen Speedway and the Northwest.

The $20,000.00 to win and $1,000.00 to start the 200-lap on the BIG 5/8-mile oval is drawing cars from all over the world. Drivers from NASCAR’s Canadian Tire Series, Mexico Series, Euro Series, K&N Pro Series East & West and Whelen All American Series. Over 50 drivers have committed and the list grows daily for this unbelievable purse on NASCAR’s largest weekly track west of the Mississippi. The third annual Summer Showdown starts on Friday June 27 with qualifying for the Heat Races (25-laps) for Summer Showdown Super Late Models plus main events for both the Street Stocks and Mini-Stocks on the 5/8-mile. Followed by the qualifying heat races for the Summer Showdown 200. On Saturday June 28 the Last Chance Qualifier (40-laps) for Summer Showdown cars that did not get into the 32-car Summer Showdown via the Friday qualifying heat races.

Plus the traveling Pro 4 Alliance Late Models on the 5/8-mile.

There is special limited time pricing on the reserved seating in the two center sections of the main grandstand with seat backs at only $40 for both days. Go to to get your reserved seats while they last.

McGriff has raced at Evergreen Speedway many times throughout his illustrious career, including the former Motorcraft 500’s and early days of the Northwest Tour. McGriff’s home track was the former Portland Speedway and many considered Evergreen as his second home track. It is rumored that McGriff will soon be inducted into NASCAR’s Hall of Fame.

McGriff will be available for autographs throughout the two day extravaganza. McGriff began racing stock cars in 1945 after racing resumed in the U.S. following World War II. At the age of 17, he raced at the Portland Speedway where he finished 12th or 13th in a 250-lapper on a muddy, 5/8-mile track in his minister father’s 1940 Hudson while his father prayed under the bleachers. At age 84, he is NASCAR’s oldest active competitor and NASCAR K&N Pro Series West’s oldest and winningest active competitor, with 31 victories. McGriff won the inaugural Mexican Carrera Pan Americana road race in 1950, outrunning 131 other cars including NASCAR founder Bill France, Curtis Turner and other NASCAR drivers.

France convinced McGriff to come south and race in the first Southern 500 race at Darlington Raceway. McGriff drove his car from Portland, OR to Darlington, SC, finished ninth in the Southern 500 and drove back to Portland the following week. In 1954, although the season was partially over, France convinced McGriff to run the balance of the Grand National Series. He ended the season with four wins, 17 top-10 finishes in 24 events, and finished sixth in the final points standings despite missing the first 10 races that season. McGriff’s average finishing position was higher than points champion Lee Petty. That same season, McGriff won a race during NASCAR’s first season of what is now referred to as the K&N Pro Series West. It was then known as the Pacific Coast Late Model Series.

In 1955, McGriff was offered a ride in NASCAR to race for millionaire Carl Kiekhaefer’s newly formed team. Deciding not to race, McGriff returned home to the West Coast to be closer to his family, and to tend to his growing lumber mill business. Tim Flock drove Kiekhaefer’s Chrysler 300 to 18 victories that season and the season championship. McGriff returned to racing after not racing for around 10 years. He started 41st at Riverside in 1969, and moved up to second place by lap six. He beat Ron Grable in a photo finish that day. During the 1970’s, McGriff drove for Petty Enterprises, swapping positions with the likes of Richard Petty, Cale Yarborough, A.J. Foyt, and Johnny Rutherford. He has competed in the SCCA Trans-Am Series and finished 19th in the 1982 Endurance Le Mans race, but the majority of his seat time has been in a NASCAR stock car.

In 1986, McGriff won the Winston West Series (now known as the K&N Pro Series West) championship. He became the oldest driver to win a NASCAR feature race when he won an AutoZone West Series race in 1989 at the age of 61. His 14 wins at the defunct Riverside International Raceway is the most at NASCAR-sanctioned events, and he was chosen as the grand marshal for the final race at the track in 1988. In November 1996, McGriff made the trip with several NASCAR champions, Sprint Cup, Nationwide Grand National and Camping World Truck Series drivers to Japan’s Suzuka Raceway for an exhibition race known as the NASCAR Suzuka Thunder Special. During NASCAR’s 50th anniversary celebration in 1998, McGriff was elected one of NASCAR’s 50 greatest drivers. A plaque with many of McGriff’s career stats is in the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, NC. McGriff has been inducted into Motorsports Hall of Fame, Oregon Sports Hall of Fame, West Coast Stock Car Hall of Fame, Most Popular Driver 12 years running.

McGriff was also honored as one of the top 50 drivers to ever race at Evergreen Speedway during their 50th Anniversary year. For more information go to or call 360-805-6100. Drivers and teams will get the opportunity for two days of Free RV/Camping or discounted Motel/Hotel rooms by calling the Speedway office at 360-805-6100, while the supply lasts. Drivers also save on registration fees by registering early via the speedway’s web site. Evergreen Speedway is located in Monroe, WA at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds.



Rookie of the Year Points Updated

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Please Check to see if you are listed under the Rookie Point for your class if you believe you are a rookie. If you don’t see your name please send an email to


Moore Wins SLM 75

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This past Saturday May 10 it was Military Tribute Night presented by Coastal Community Bank at Evergreen Speedway ‘The Home of the $100, 000.00 Summer Showdown’. Daniel Moore won the 75-lap Speedway Chevrolet NASCAR Whelen All American Series Super Late Model feature. The Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stock 30-lap main was won by young Chad Fitzpatrick, first ever for the 17-year old second year driver. Mark Hubbard won the 25-lap main for the Interstate Batteries Hornet Division. In the 25-lap feature for the Buzz Inn Steakhouse Stinger 8 Division, Jessica Gray was the winner. In the new division, the Super Stock Figure 8’s, the winner was “The One Armed Bandit’ Quenton Borreson. Evergreen Speedway won the battle with the weather this weekend. There was a brief shower early in the afternoon with the track drying out by race time.

Daniel Moore, the 2013 NASCAR track and State of Washington Champion, drove from mid-pack of the 18-car Super Late Model field to win his first of the season feature in defense of his title. The drive to the front did not come easy. There was a mishap involving four cars and Moore’s car was involved with his car going airborne over the front end of, last race winner, Mike Holden. Both were able to continue albeit with mangled cars. Once Moore got to the front he had to contend with four time division champion Naima Lang. Getting by Lang, Moore took the lead but could not shake Lang. With Lang directly behind, Moore withstood a few attempts by Lang to take the lead back. The last attempt came late in the race with Lang getting out of shape as he attempted to get by, losing the second position to Mike Holden. Holden made an attempt to get by Moore on a double file restart with four laps to go. Moore again thwarted the attempt to garner the win. Holden finished a close second and Andy Sole took third. Fourth went to Jason Kooy followed by Peter Link. Lang fell back to sixth.

The crowd stood on their feet as young Street Stock driver Chad Fitzpatrick held back last season’s champion and winner of the first three races this season Roger Drake. Fitzpatrick won the Hornet Division championship two seasons ago to become the youngest to ever win a championship at Evergreen Speedway. This was his first win in the bigger car division. It was a thrill for the high school student to get his first win in this NASCAR division. Drake was as happy for the youngster also. Third went to Kevin Compton his first visit to the podium in his first season of racing and gaining the lead for the division Rookie of the Year honors. Fourth went to Darrell Lutovsky and Kenny Erickson finished fifth.

The Hornet Division ran on the road course and Mark Hubbard grabbed the lead early and went on to win his second main of the season. Second place went to Scott Hunt as the two swapped positions in last week’s race. Finishing third was rookie Justin Brave, a 14-yearold. Fourth went to Rick Hubbard and fifth went to Cody Hoopes.

Jessica Gray got back to victory stage for the first time this season. With a strong run in the Stinger 8 main.  Gray showed why she was second in points the last two seasons. Second went to last week’s Stinger Nationals winner Joselyn LaFleur. In third it was Cody Hoopes. Fourth and fifth went to Toby Jenkins and Matt Somerville respectively.

With one arm, Quenton Borreson won the Super Stock Figure 8 main. This was ‘the One Armed Bandit’s’ second win in a row. Second place went to, the winner of the season opener for this new division, Steve Peters. In third was Steve Schoenfeldt followed by Doug Delfel and Jessie Burtino.

Next Up: The annual two day doubleheader for the Memorial Day Holiday weekend. On Saturday May 24 the Grocery Outlet Bargain Market Mark Galloway 150 Shootout for the Super Late Models on the BIG track the 5/8-mile paved oval. A tune-up race for the $100,000.00 Summer Showdown in June. In addition the Street Stocks, Mini-Stocks and Columbia River Legends will be on the 3/8-mile paved oval. On Sunday may 25 it is the Republic Services presents Sean Peters Memorial Truck Fest. The night will feature Outlaw Figure 8’s, Stinger 8’s, Hornets, Boat Races, Renegades, Legends, Truck Demo Derby and Fireworks. Both nights start at 6pm. For tickets and or more information go to or call 360-805-6100.


Evergreen Speedway May 10 Official Results:

Speedway Chevrolet NASCAR Whelen All American Series Super Late Models (75-laps 3/8-mile oval): 1. Daniel Moore, 2. Mike Holden, 3. Andy Sole, 4. Jason Kooy, 5. Peter Link, 6. Naima Lang, 7. Scott LaCross, 8. Jeff Knight, 9. Molly Helmuth, 10. Tyler Tanner, 11. Tyler Baker, 12. Brandon Scheiber, 13. Shane Sawin, 14. Timothy Minister, 15. John Boyatt, 16. Doni Wanat, 17. Tommy Rasmussen, 18. Tim McDougald

Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stocks (30-laps 3/8-mile oval): 1. Chad Fitzpatrick, 2. Roger Drake, 3. Kevin Compton, 4. Darrell Lutovsky, 5. Kenny Erickson, 6. Mike Marthaller Jr. 7. Steve Ptacek, 8. Jim Foti, 9. John McCourt, 10. Nikki Bristol, 11. Carl Davidson

Interstate Batteries Hornets (25-laps Road Course): 1. Mark Hubbard, 2. Scott Hunt, 3. Justin Brave, 4. Rick Hubbard, 5. Cody Hoopes, 6. Cullen Hubbard, 7. Chad Chase, 8. Jason Wilson, 9. 9x, 10. Bob Burks, 11. Mike Ridley, 12. Zach Bristol, 13. John Hilburn

Buzz Inn Steakhouse Stinger 8’s (25-laps Figure 8 Track): 1. Jessica Gray, 2. Joselyn LaFleur, 3. Cody Hoopes, 4. Toby Jenkins, 5. Matt Somerville, 6. Zach Bristol, 7. Lance O’Grain, 8. Jason Wilson, 9. Mark Keith, 10. Tyler Draper, 11. Mike Ridley, 12. Chad Chase

Super Stock Figure 8’s (30-laps Figure 8 Track): 1. Quentin Borreson, 2. Steve Peters, 3. Steve Schoenfeldt, 4. Doug Delfel, 5. Jessie Burtino, 6. Brian Little, 7. Bruce Wilson

My Laps from 5/10

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