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Evergreen Speedway Opener Results

April 3, 2013 by  
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March 30, 2013 (Monroe, WA): Evergreen Speedway opened its 2013 season with Devastation 1 Night at the Races featuring Scout Night. All Scouts (Boy or Girl) got in free if in uniform. The stands were full of uniformed scouts and their parents. A crystal clear night also brought a great number of cars in all divisions. The Interstate Batteries NASCAR Hornet Division had two mains with Cyril Greenawalt winning the A-Main and Casey Chavez winning the B-Main. In the Buzz Inn Steakhouse NASCAR Stinger 8 Division Main Todd Stilwell was victorious. The Emerald City Harley Davidson NASCAR Super Figure Eight Division main was won by Greg Scott. Josh Beckel won the V-8 Extreme Flag Pole Main and Bruce Beeler the Boat Race. The Devastation 1 Big Car Demo Derby was won by Art Sukut.

Next up at Evergreen Speedway is the Annual Mark Galloway Shootout on Saturday April 6 at 6pm. The best of the West Super Late Model Racers will be there for 150-lap Shootout on the BIG 5/8-mile paved oval for $6000.00 to win and $600 to start. The night will include the season opener for the Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stocks and Foster Press NASCAR Mini-Stocks on the 3/8-mile paved oval. The Interstate Batteries NASCAR Hornets will be on the 3/8-mile for the 1st time. Front gates open at 4pm. For more information and or tickets go to or call 360-805-6100, Tuesday – Saturday.

Saturday April 30th – Evergreen Speedway Results:

Hornet B: 1. Rod Helmuth, 2. Casey Chavez, 3. #429, 4. Brodie Brewer, 5. Mike Ridley, 6. Eric Rathe, 7. Daisjurr Sosville, 8. Drew Decker, 9. Brianna Whisman, 10. Dennis Crawford, 11. Justin Griffin, 12. Shane Osborn, 13. Paul Hendrickson Jr., 14. Markus Forhan, 15. Ryann Norton, 16. Shawn Wallace

Hornet A: 1. Cyril Greenawalt, 2. Scott Hunt, 3. Gary Raerden, 4. Josh LaPlante, 5. Mark Keith, 6. Jamie Corbett, 7. Matt LaPlante, 8. Scott Burby, 9. Cody Hoopes, 10. Zach Bristol, 11. DJ Clements, 12. Ryan Williams, 13. Tyler Tiedemann, 14. Rod Helmuth, 15. Cole Raerden, 16. John McCourt, 17. Robert Bridgewater

Stinger 8s: 1. Todd Stilwell, 2. Matt Somerville, 3. Jessica Gray, 4. Melissa Repin, 5. Bryant Carlson, 6. Zach Bristol, 7. Nicole Pollard, 8. Gary Raerden, 9. Ryan Barber, 10. Casey Chavez, 11. James Whisman, 12. Tyler Draper, 13. James Conley, 14. Joselyn LaFleur

Super Figure 8s: 1. Greg Scott, 2. Nick Gunderson, 3. Doug Delfel, 4. Mike Steltz, 5. John Carlson, 6. Steve Schoenfeldt, 7. Bill Wade, 8. William Voesten, 9. Nick Dunham, 10. Seth Funden, 11. Don Eslick, 12. Zack Larson, 13. Devin Jenkins


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