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Slamfest 2013

April 13, 2013 by  
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Click Here For Tickets to Event

CHECK IN & TECH OPEN AT 2:00pm on Saturday April 20st

CHECK IN & TECH OPEN AT 10:00am on Sunday April 21st

PIT PASSES – $30 Saturday and Sunday

DEMO ENTRY FREE with PRE-ENTRY (Must be received by Speedway Office no later than Sunday April 14th)

$35.00 per demo, after April 15th and day of event.

TRUCK DEMO PAYOUT                                                            CAR DEMO PAYOUT

1ST $2000                                                                                             1st $2000

2nd $700                                                                                               2nd $700

3rd $500                                                                                                3rd $500

4th $300                                                                                                4th $300

5th $200                                                                                                5th $200

6th-10th $100                                                                                      6th-10th $100

Mad-dog Award $100                                                                   Mad-dog Award $100

Best Appearing $100                                                                          Best Appearing $100


V8 EXTREME F-8 PAYOUT                                                      STINGER PAYOUT

1st $300                                                                                                   1st $300

2nd $200                                                                                                2nd $200

3rd $100                                                                                                  3rd $100

4th -12th $75                                                                                        4th -12th $75


Hockey and Soccer

Winning Team $100 to each competitor

Losing Team $50 to each competitor

The first 8 people to sign up for Hockey or Soccer will receive one FREE pit pass for one day. One game Saturday and Sunday.

A $1000 BONUS PRIZE for winning both the Truck and Car Derby ** IF NO ONE wins the $1000 bonus there will be a random drawing prize of $200 one person who participates in both the truck demo and the Car Demo.

Additional Entry Forms at Speedway office or at back gate.

Must fill out entry form completely. Rules available online or at the Speedway office.

May also enter at back gate.


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