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Tanner Wins Galloway 150

May 26, 2014 by  
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Saturday May 24 at Evergreen Speedway, Tyler Tanner, the 3rd generation driver, will remember the day and the race as his first win at Evergreen and his first major win. Tanner won the $5000.00 to win Monroe Grocery Outlet Bargain Market Mark Galloway Memorial 150 Shootout for the Speedway Chevrolet NASCAR Whelen All American Series Super Late Models on the BIG 5/8-mile paved oval. On the 3/8-mile oval Roger Drake picked up his 4th win this season in five starts in his Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stock. The Foster Press NASCAR Mini-Stock feature winner was rookie Trenton Moriarity, his 2nd of the season. The traveling Columbia River Legends Series feature was won by Randy Shaaf. Super weather, fantastic car count and large crowd kicked off the holiday weekend with great fanfare.

In one of the most competitive Galloway 150’s, Tyler Tanner won his first race at Evergreen Speedway. The young third generation driver, with his grandfather Leonard Sundholm, his mom Leann (Sundholm) Tanner and his dad Kelly Tanner (crew chief and spotter) (all former racers at Evergreen) watching, showed that he may be the one to beat in the upcoming $100,000.00 Summer Showdown 200 on June 27 & 28. Tanner got the lead mid-way through the 150-lap race. After the break at lap 100 Tanner lost the lead to Jason Fraser. Fraser took the lead in the early stages of the race only to have to pit during a red flag to get attention to a mechanical problem. Fraser came from the back to second by the 100-lap break. When Fraser got the lead after the break, Tanner stayed with him and the two broke away from the pack. The move of the race came with 15-laps to go. Andy Sole, with a cut down right front tire, was heading off turn four with sparks flying and another lapped car the two leaders went to the outside to make the pass. Fraser backed off just enough for Tanner to boldly go to the outside to make it four wide as they headed down the front stretch. He was able to gain the lead for the final time and get that first win.

In qualifying for the Galloway 150 four drivers were under the old track record. Fraser and Tanner were the top two followed by Kelly Mann and Jay Sauls. Mann ended up finishing third. Fourth went to Daniel Moore and fifth to Tom Moriarity. Unfortunately Fraser’s car did not pass post-race inspection and everyone was moved up a position and his record breaking qualifying will not stand. Tanner will have the new record for a NASCAR Whelen All American Series race at :22.310 (112.9mph).

Roger Drake, last season’s Street Stock champion, garnered his fourth win much earlier this season than last. Mimicking the start of last season Drake opened with three straight wins followed by a second place finish. Last season it was at the end of August that the fourth win came. Drake, in defense of the title, has won four in his first five starts. Second place went to Jim Foti and third to Steve Ptacek.

The Mini-Stock division has had five races this season and rookie Trenton Moriarity has won two of them. The other two time winner this season and the point’s leader heading into the night, Bobby DeYoung, finished eighth and lost 14-points to Moriarity. Moriarity unofficially will be the new leader. Second place went to Devin Kessler and third went to Brad Thomas.

A large contingent of Legends were on hand for their first visit to Evergreen this season. Many time Pro and Masters Champion Randy Shaaf won the main. Second spot went to Duane Swanson followed by Robert Gayton. The race was slowed when a red flag was flown as three cars tangled on the back stretch and Nick Beecher’s car overturned. All drivers were OK.

Next Up: Saturday May 31 is the second Frontier Communications Family Night and Mascot Night. All adults get in for just $10. The night will feature the Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stocks, Super Stock Figure 8’s, Interstate Batteries Hornets, Pro 4 Truck Series and FSCRA Super Four Late Models. Racing begins at 6pm with spectator gates opening at 4pm.

For more information go to or call 360-805-6100.

Evergreen Speedway Official Results May 24:

Mark Galloway 150 Shootout Speedway Chevrolet NASCAR Whelen All American Series Super Late Models (150-laps 5/8-mile oval) (position- car# – name – laps): 1. 65 – Tyler Tanner 150; 2. 9 – Kelly Mann 150; 3. 16 – Daniel Moore 150; 4. 12 – Tom Moriarity 150; 5. 25b                – Zach Beaman 150; 6. 26 – Jason Kooy 150; 7. 99x – Shane Mitchell 150; 8. 32 – Mike Holden 149; 9. 20s – Jay Sauls 149; 10. 07 – Jeff Knight 148; 11. 18 – John Bender 148; 12. 75 – Brandon Scheiber 148; 13. 00 – Naima Lang 146; 14. 10x – John Boyatt            142; 15. 20 – Andy Sole 131; 16. 22 – John Lathrup Jr 110; 17. 89 – Doni Wanat 106; 18. 36 – Grant Brown 105; 19. 25 – Peter Link 104; 20. 73 – Gary Lewis 46; 21. 90 – Molly Helmuth 36; 22. 99 – Scott LaCross 36; 23. 09 – Timothy Minister 34; 24. 68 – Tim McDougald 29; 25. 39 – Pete Harding 2; Jessica Dana DNS; Tyler Baker DNS; Jason Fraser DQ’ed

Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stocks (30-laps 3/8-mile oval): 1. Roger Drake, 2. Jim Foti, 3. Steve Ptacek, 4. Darrell Lutovsky, 5. Mike Marthaller, 6. John McCourt, 7. Chad Fitzpatrick, 8. Kenny Erickson, 9. Kevin Compton, 10. Carl Davidson

Foster Press NASCAR Mini-Stocks (30-laps 3/8-mile oval): 1. Trenton Moriarity, 2. Devin Kessler, 3. Brad Thomas, 4. Andrew Schukar, 5. AJ Verdugo, 6. Travis Woodward, 7. Brian Taylor, 8. Bobby DeYoung, 9. Kyle Schukar, 10. Sheridan Horn-Vincent, 11. Chad Sinner, 12. Scott Burby, 13. Chuck Richard

Columbia River Legends (25-laps 3/8-mile oval): 1. Randy Schaaf, 2. Duane Swanson, 3. Robert Gayton, 4. Randy Beddow, 5. Alex Ludeman, 6. Brent Mack, 7. Jon VanGesen, 8. Dan Beecher, 9. Jose Zamudio, 10. Lloyd Bigler, 11. Bill Kik, 12. Chad Sinner, 13. Jeff Mueller, 14. Josh LaPlante, 15. Neena Kik, 16. Brian Boyd, 17. Larry Cantrall, 18. #24h, 19. Gary Wegener, 20. Renny Marose, 21. Nick Beecher, 22. Jake Woods, 23. Rick McNeil, 24. Rikki Hector




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