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Three Champions Crowned at Evergreen Speedway

September 10, 2012 by  
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This past Saturday night September 8 at Evergreen Speedway it was the annual KMPS 94.1 First Responders Tribute Night. There were three championships decided with Interstate Batteries Hornet Division driver Chad Fitzpatrick winning the main and the championship. Fifteen year old Fitzpatrick became the youngest driver to ever win a championship at the Evergreen Speedway. Buzz Inn Steakhouse Stinger 8 Division champion is Josh Young. The traveling Northwest Pro 4 Truck Tour decided their champion with Jason Majors winning his fourth title. In other action Steve Ptacek won the Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stock main and Jon Roberts won the Foster Press NASCAR Mini-Stock main.

The Hornet division championship came down to the final race of the season to decide who would be crowned. Young Chad Fitzpatrick left no doubt in anyone’s mind he was not going to be the champ. Taking the lead and pulling away Fitzpatrick became the youngest in the 58-year history of the fabled track to win a championship. Jaime Corbett stated the night 18-points behind Fitzpatrick finished third in the main with Richard Morgan finishing second. Morgan moved from fourth in the points to third with the strong podium finish. The champion will be honored at the annual awards banquet on Saturday January 19, 2013.

Stinger 8 champion Josh Young finished the main in second behind winner Lance O’Grain. Young who trailed in the points a little over a month ago used the last races of the season to win his first ever championship. Joselyn LaFleur finished the season’s final main third. Jessica Gray will finish second in the points after a very strong first ¾’s of the season.

Jason Majors, winner of the championship for the Pro 4 Truck Tour, sat out the final laps of their last main event with mechanical woes. Going into the final race with enough of a points cushion, Majors had the luxury of being able to overcome the adversity.  Mike Wiley second in the championship chase won both mains on Saturday. In main number one Mike Nelson was second and Majors third. In race number two Aaron Greene had his best ever tour finish with a second and Nelson was third.

With one more race remaining in their season the Street Stock division championship picture stayed blurry. Second in points Steve Ptacek gained four points on leader Frank Cowgill by virtue of winning Saturday’s main. Cowgill finished third behind Duane Schoesboek. The Street Stock championship will be decided this coming Saturday September 15.

The First Responders held their annual races to the delight of all and each received a trophy courtesy of High Road Promotions operators of the speedway.

Also with one more race remaining in the 2012 season for the Min-Stock division title the picture became crystal clear on who will be crowned champion. Jon Roberts left nary a doubt after winning his tenth main of the season. Heading into championship night Roberts has enough of a lead that he cannot be challenged. The only question to be answered is: what will ‘Fozzy Bear’ look like when he has all his hair cut off. Roberts has let his hair grow for almost a nine months and will be donating his mass to the ‘Locks for Love’ campaign. Nat Barber finished the race in second and Michael Fritz finished third. As with the Street Stocks the Mini-Stocks will have their respective championship race on Saturday September 15.

Next up at Evergreen Speedway is the Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Championships and Harley Night presented by Emerald City Harley. All riders on their Harleys will be admitted at half price and will be in the Harley Parade on the track during the evening. The championship night will include twin 50-lap mains on the 5/8-mile oval for the Speedway Chevrolet NASCAR Whelen All American Series I-5 Challenge Super Late Models, NASCAR Super Figure Eights 100-lap main, Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stocks and Foster Press NASCAR Mini-Stocks on the 3/8-miole oval. Four champions will be crowned. Over 20 Super Late Models are expected for the twin 50’s. The championship action starts at 6pm with spectator gates opening at 4:30pm. For more information and or tickets go online to or call 360-805-6100.

Evergreen Speedway Saturday September 8 Results:

Interstate Batteries Hornets:

B-Main: (15-laps Road Course)

1-Josh LaPlante

2-Brodie Brewer

3-Jim Bevis

4-Will Schamp

5-Enoc Fritz

6-Briana Heilman

7-William Schamp

8-Jeff Thomas

9-Drew Decker

A-Championship Main: (25-laps Road Course)(* Denotes 2012 Division Champion)

1-Chad Fitzpatrick*

2-Richard Morgan

3-Jamie Corbett

4-Brent Crise

5-Mike Daher

6-Zach Bristol

7-Dalton Christmas

8-Eric Armstrong

9-Gary Rarden

10-Ken Moi

11-Mark Keith

12-Matt Somerville

13-Brad Thomas

14-Garrett Bickerdike

15-Mike Marthaller

16-Zach Neel

Buzz Inn Steakhouse Stinger 8’s: (30-lap Championship Main- Figure 8 Track)(* Denotes 2012 Division Champion)

1-Lance O’Grain

2-Josh Young*

3-Joselyn LaFleur

4-John Lewis

5-Jessica Gray

6-Ben Chandler

7-Matt Somerville

8-Ryan Barber

9-Nicole Pollard

10-Tyler Draper

11-Tyler Tiedman

12-Melissa Repin

13-James Whisman

Northwest Pro 4 Truck Tour: (25-lap Main – 3/8-mile oval)

1-Mike Wiley

2-Mike Nelson

3-Jason Majors

4-Pete Brady

5-Aaron Greene

6-Terry Warren

7-Rick Shaver

8-Mike Tipps

9-Matt Greene

10-Doug Wilkinson

11-James Conley

12-Hailey Wilkinson

13-Josh Charles

14-Adam Morris

(25-lap Championship Main – 3/8-mile oval) (* Denotes 2012 Division Champion)

1-Mike Wiley

2-Aaron Greene

3-Mike Nelson

4-Terry Warren

5-Pete Brady

6-Matt Greene

7-Adam Morris

8-Josh Charles

9-Jill Shaver

10-James Conley

11-Doug Wilkinson

12-Jason Majors*

Les Schwab Tires NASCAR Street Stocks: (30-laps – 3/8-mile oval)

1-Steve Ptacek

2-Duane Schoesboek

3-Frank Cowgill

4-Darrell Lutovsky

5-Tim Widener

6-Kenny Erickson

7-Scott Giebel

8-Jeff Miller

9-Mike Kyles

10-Kim Lang

11-Nikki Bristol

12-Andrew Smith

13-Derrick Kapello

14-Kilian Ruggiero

15-Brandy Hatch

16-Charlie Davis

Foster Press NASCAR Mini-Stocks (30-laps – 3/8-mile oval)

1-Jon Roberts

2-Nat Barber

3-Michael Fritz

4-Andrew Schukar

5-Chuck Richard

6-Scott Burby

7-Travis Woodward

8-Mike Hessler

9-Devin Kessler

10-Douglas Hines



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